Requesting Permission to Publish

The John Carter Brown Library is a non-profit institution largely dependent upon its own endowment for operating funds. To make possible the continued growth of the collection, from which everyone benefits, and to maintain a satisfactory level of service to scholars and to the general public, the Library must augment its income from a variety of sources. One of these sources is fees for the commercial use of images from the Library’s collection.

Please write for permission to publish our images. We will respond with a letter giving our credit line. If you use our image in an electronic format, it must not be at a resolution higher than 72 dpi.

Please make your requests for images by writing to Please copy and paste the following into your email and fill in the fields:

Image to be Published

Image title:
Record number (if available):
Book title:
Page/location in book:

Invoicing Information

Name to put on invoice:
Email Address:

Information about the publication in which the image will appear

Author of Publication:
Title of Publication:
Expected Publication Date:
Print Run:
Publication Venue: [World/North America]
Publication Medium: [Printed/Film/Electronic]
Publication Purpose: [Commercial/Non-Commercial]

Ordinarily a fee will be charged for publication, according to the schedule, unless the image will be used in a non-profit scholarly publication. Please write to the Imaging Department with requests.

Each item must carry the following credit line exactly as stated: “Courtesy of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University.” The Library may request a copy of a work that incorporates material from its collection.