Thalia Field

Thalia Field, Associate Professor

Office Location: Room 301, 68 1/2 Brown St.
Phone: (401) 863-9789



Fall 2013 courses:
LITR1150E S01 - Strange Attractors: Adaptations/Translations
LITR2010A S01 Graduate Fiction 

Spring 2014 courses:
LITR1110R S01 - Performance Dimensions of Text
LITR1150M S01 - Short Fiction Experiments 

Thalia Field's work lives at the crossroads of prose, essay, poetry, even theater. Her collections include Bird Lovers, Backyard, A Prank of Georges, Ululu (Clown Schrapnel), Incarnate: Story Material and Point and Line. 

Additionally, Thalia has collaborated on performance work, including Melt, Rest/Less and Zoologic.  Her work has appeared in numerous journals including Theater, Ploughshares, Chicago Review, Tin House, Fence, Angelaki, and Conjunctions, where she guest-edited issue #28 on experimental music-theater scores.