Literary Arts Courses

Literary Arts is proud to offer these courses for the Academic Year. Please refer to the University's Class Schedule Search Page for further information or to  Feel free to contact Literary Arts with specific questions.

Spring Semester 2015


Course ID Sec.# Course Title Instructor Mtg Times Location
LITR0100A S01 Intro to Fiction

Alexandra Gauss

Th 5:00-7:20 JW Wilson 303
LITR0100B S01 Intro to Poetry Danielle Vogel F 3:00-5:30 J W Wilson 301
LITR0110A S01 Fiction I Desiree Bailey
M 5:30-7:50 J W Wilson 201
LITR0110A S02 Fiction I Olivia Olsen
T 4:00-6:30
J W Wilson 501
LITR0110A S03 Fiction I Alec Neidenthal
F 3:00-5:30
Rockefeller A9
LITR0110B S01 Poetry I Christopher Schluter
M 5:30-7:50 Rockefeller A9
LITR0110B S02 Poetry I Isabel Balee
T 4:00-6:30 Rockefeller A9
LITR0110B S03 Poetry I Beata Kasiarz
Th 5:00-7:20 Rockefeller A9
LITR0110E S01 Screenwriting I Bizri, Hisham M 3:00-5:20
Rockefeller 206
LITR0210A S01 Fiction Writing II Joanna Howard
T 4:00-6:30 Wilson Hall 206
LITR0210A S02 Fiction Writing II Robert Shaw
Th 5:00-7:20
Rockefeller 206
LITR0210B S01 Poetry Writing II Emily Means
T 4:00-6:30 Wilson Hall 106
LITR0210D S01 Digital Language Arts II Eli Milholland T 12:00-2:20 Wilson Hall 106
LITR0210D L01 Digital Language Arts II LAB Eli Milholland Th 1:00-2:20 Wilson Hall 106
LITR0310F S01 Visual Poetry Francesca Capone T 4:00-6:30 Wilson Hall 306
LITR0510B S01 Into the Machine Joanna Howard Th 4:00-6:30 J W Wilson 503
LITR0710 S01 Writers on Writing Seminar Forrest Gander
TTh 2:30-3:50 70 Brown Street 130
LITR1010A S01 Advanced Fiction Jason Schwartz T 4:00-6:30
 70 Brown Street 318
LITR1010B S01 Advanced Poetry Gale Nelson
M 3:00-5:30 70 Brown Street 318
LITR1010G S01 Cave Writing John Cayley M 3:00-5:30 Granoff N420
LITR1110R S01 Performance Dimensions of Text
Thalia Field
T 10:30 -12:50
McCormack Theater 70 Brown St.
LITR1150Z S01 Readers for Writers
Carole Maso
Th 12:00-2:20 70 Brown Street 318
LITR1151D S01 The Art of Film Hisham Bizri Tues 10:30-12:50
LITR1200 S01 Writers on Writing Brian Evenson
TTh 2:30-3:50 Smith-Buonanno G12
LITR30J S01 Writing: Material Differences John Cayley W 3:00-5:30 Sayles Hall 306
LITR1230L S01 Eros: Hot and Sour C.D. Wright M 3:00-5:30 Smith Buonanno 207
LITR1230Q S01 London Consequences Jason Schwartz M 3:00-5:30 Sayles Hall 204
LITR2010A S01 Graduate Fiction Carole Maso
F 12:00-2:20 70 Brown Street 318
LITR2010B S01 Graduate Poetry C.D. Wright
W 12:00-2:20

LITR2110E S01 Foreign Home: Interdisciplinary Arts Cole Swensen T 12:00-2:20 Wilson Hall 206
LITR2110I S01 The Novella Brian Evenson W 3:00-5:30 70 Brown Street 318

Fall Semester 2015 (TBD)