John Cayley

John Cayley, Professor of Literary Arts

Office Location: Room 230 - 70 Brown St.
Phone: (401) 863 3966

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Fall 2015 courses
LITR2110L.S01 - Brazenly Brown
LITR1010D.S01 Advanced Electronic Writing 

Spring 2016 courses


John Cayley has practiced as a poet, translator, publisher, and bookdealer, and all these activities have often intersected with his training in Chinese culture and language. Links to his internationally recognized writing innet-worked and programmable media are at

His last printed book of poems, adaptations and translations was Ink Bamboo. Cayley was the winner of the Electronic Literature Organization's Award for Poetry 2001 ( He has taught at a number of universities in the United Kingdom, and was an Honorary Research Associate in the Department of English, Royal Holloway College, University of London. In the United States, he has previously taught or directed research at the University of California San Diego and at Brown (2003 and 2005). His most recent work explores ambient poetics in programmable media and writing in immersive VR, with parallel theoretical interventions concerning the role of code in writing and the temporal properties of textuality. (Related links are also available at the shadoof site.)

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