Brochures and Printed Pieces

The medical school logo should appear prominently on the cover of all brochures and other printed materials. To be prominent, it does not necessarily have to be large; rather, prominence can often be achieved through positioning and degree of isolation.

To help achieve a unifi ed, recognizable look, headlines and/or titles should be set in the Minion typeface. All the examples shown here use Minion for the titles.

On the back covers of brochures and publications, the logo should be combined with the full name and address, in a flush-left format, as shown in the examples.

Similar guidelines apply to single-page applications. The two examples shown here also use Minion as the primary typeface, but give the logo different prominence or emphasis. In the Financial Aid cover, the school is the subject, so the logo has been given the most prominence. In the lecture announcement to the right, the subject “Children’s Memory” has been given the major emphasis, while the school logo, at a smaller size, has been placed at the bottom of the page to clearly identify the sponsor.

Note that the full name and address block on the Financial Aid piece is shown without an adjacent logo, as the logo already appears on the page.