Incorrect Uses

Integral to the graphic identity is For visibility, impact and overall integrity, it is important to maintain a consistent use of the logo. The logo is fundamental to our communications and should never be compromised. Always reproduce the logo from original artwork.

The abbreviation "Alpert Med" is not an acceptable form for print. Do not refer to the school by this abbreviation in text or by creating any alternate logo forms.

Protect the integrity of the Brown Alpert Medical School identity by being aware of improper logo usage. Examples are illustrated on this page. If questions about usage arise please contact the Offi ce of Biomedical Advancement Communications at (401) 863-6226.

  • Do not use a substitute typeface
  • Do not stack the type to form a new logo
  • Do not reverse the order of Brown and Alpert Medical School
  • Do not scale the logo to less than .375 inches tall
  • Do not use the lettering in color or substitute a different red
  • Do not use the abbreviation "Alpert Med"
  • Do not screen the shield behind the lettering
  • Do not distort the logo by stretching or condensing it
  • Do not change the relationship between the coat of arms and the logotype lettering