Emergency Medicine Physician Extender Development Program




Our mission is to provide up-to-date, problem-based learning in the field of emergency medicine in a state of the art facility, and to exceed the expected role of an emergency medicine physician extender


Program Overview

Emergency Medicine Physician Extender Development Program, or EMPED, is a 12-month post graduate training program involving University Emergency Medicine Foundation (UEMF) faculty and senior physician extenders to support a comprehensive emergency medicine training program. 

The program utilizes three hospitals as sites for orientation, training, and clinical rotations for newly graduated or non-emergency medicine trained physician extenders. All three sites are affiliated with Alpert Medical School and Lifespan, and are teaching facilities.

Allison Jackson, PA-C is the director of the EMPED program.   Fiona Craft, NP, Rebecca Hassel, PA-C, Lamia Laloui, PA-C are the program co-coordinators.

Program Content

During the development year, EMPEDs receive the following training:

  • Five hours of didactic conferences each week with emergency medicine residents. 
  • Hand on training in various emergency departments, working with appointed faculty. 
  • Procedure workshops and lectures provided by senior physicians and appointed faculty. 
  • Rotations: 
    • Radiology and Ultrasound training 
    • Psychiatry 
    • Critical Care and Trauma 
    • Medical Simulation Center 
    • Chest Pain Observational Unit 
  • Training:
    • EKG Interpretation
    • ABG's and Central Lines
    • Slit Lamp 
    • Suturing and I&D 
    • Intubation and Chest Tubes 
    • GYN and ENT procedures 
    • Arthrocentesis 
    • Lumbar Punctures 

Program Requirements

Acceptance into EMPED requires:

  • Certificate from an accredited physician assistant or nurse 
  • Personal interview 
  • Current NCCPA certification
  • Rhode Island State licensure/eligible
  • A GPA of 3.0 or greater 


For more information about the EMPED program, please contact Allison Jackson at AJackson1@lifespan.org.