CATCH Grants

Community Access to Child Health (CATCH): is an AAP program that supports Pediatricians and Residents to find creative ways of supporting access to medical care and a medical home.  The program has 2 cycles for grant applications and from residents can be planning activities or implementation of programs.  During your advocacy month you will craft a proposal for your final project that allows the development of grant writing skills, but more importantly gets you thinking about community action and partnerships addressing the barriers of equal access for all children.   Dr. Bob Burke and Dr. Michael Koster are available for technical advice and proposal review as the CATCH facilitators in Rhode Island. 

Resident CATCH Grants: RI 


Adolescent Refugees of RI Valuing Excellence (ARRIVE) [CATCH Resident Grants]


Addressing Youth Interpersonal Violence in Providence [CATCH Resident Grants]


Developing an Adolescent Chronic Illness Council [CATCH Resident Grants]
Refugee Health Initiative [CATCH Resident Grants]


Bridging Gaps: Providence Hispanic Children's Health [CATCH Resident Grants]
Medical Homes Initiative for Incarcerated Adolescents [CATCH Resident Grants]


Transitioning the Care of Adolescent Parents [CATCH Resident Grants]


Implementation CATCH Grants: RI


Immunizations for West Warwick Children [CATCH Implementation Grants]


Health Support for Lead Poisoned Children [CATCH Implementation Grants]
Pawtucket's Medical Home for Adolescents [CATCH Implementation Grants]


Focus: Prevention of Behavioral Problems (0-6) [CATCH Implementation Grants]
Head Start Obesity Prevention Program [CATCH Implementation Grants]


Empowering Mt. Hope Youth [CATCH Implementation Grants]


Implementation CATCH Grants: RI


Community Problem-Solving to Improve Child Outcomes [CATCH Planning Grants]
Designing a Pediatric Asthma Management Center [CATCH Planning Grants]
Medical Home for Refugee Families [CATCH Planning Grants]


Improving Adolescent Wellness in Woonsocket [CATCH Planning Grants]