Refugee Primary Care Clinic

Hasbro Children’s Hospital Refugee Clinic is scheduled each month to provide evaluation and screeningfor Rhode Island’s refugee children. We provide their initial comprehensive evaluation and treatmentwithin 1 month of their arrival in the United States. We welcome families from all over the world,most recently from Burundi, Iraq, Iran, Eritrea, Congo, Liberia, Bhutan, Nepal, and Burma/Myanmar. Inaddition, we are committed to the ongoing primary care of these children. We strive to create a medicalhome for the children that is culturally appropriate, patient-centered, collaborative and continuous.

Our families speak over 20 languages such as Kirundi, Krahn, Kunama, Karen, Chin, Tigrinya, Swahili, Arabic, Nepali and others. We partner with the interpreters who provide not only linguisticinterpretation, but function as Community Health Workers who educate families as well as the providerswho care for these children.  Our other community partners include the International Institute of Rhode Island, Rhode Island Department of Health, St Joseph’s Pediatric Dental Residency Program, Brown University Departmentof Psychology. These collaborations allow us to provide more comprehensive services to our refugeepatients.

Residents are invited to participate in the refugee clinic with the initial comprehensive evaluations fornewly arrived refugee children, subsequent follow up and ongoing primary care in their own continuityclinic. In this way the resident is allowed the opportunity to provide care during the entire resettlementprocess and provide a medical home to address their unique needs.