Triple Board Combined Residency

Brown has one of the six original Triple Board programs in the country (combined residency training program in Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellowship). Triple Boarders join Pediatric residents for the first 19 months of their training including all of their intern year followed by 7 months as a senior pediatric resident (such as on the wards and NICU) before their transition to Psychiatry. They return to Pediatrics for 5 months during the second half of their fourth year to combine their uniquely specialized training to care for children and their families in Pediatrics. During their final fifth year, they develop specialized curricula in Pediatrics and Psychiatry to prepare them for careers that often cross the traditional boundaries between specialities within the field of child health. Recent graduates have gone on to do research in Autism, open Med/Psych pediatric units, pursued jobs in Palliative Care, Academic Pediatrics, and Global Health. 

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