Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program

The Medicine-Pediatrics program of Brown University is a four year program comprised of sixteen residents, four per class, which prepares its residents to become skilled clinicians and capable teachers, dually certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics. Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residency training in the US dates back to 1968. However, opportunities in fellowships, academic medicine, program administration and local and international clinical care have grown significantly in recent years.

Our program feels like a family especially given the class size, the close pairings with faculty and the integration of the program space into the continuity clinic. Additionally, we fit seamlessly into the pediatric and internal medicine classes and are regarded and valued as either pediatric or internal medicine residents depending on our rotation site. We have six Medicine-Pediatrics trained attendings in our continuity clinic and a Medicine-Pediatrics trained residency director which greatly enhances our development and training. The Brown community includes many Med-Peds trained fellows, as well as primary care and subspecialty-trained MedPeds attendings.

Every residency is unique and here, at Brown, we are proud to be Medicine-Pediatrics. The program's graduates have found different ways to flourish post-training, from primary care to single or combined fellowships to academic positions to program administration and to international work. For more information about our program, please visit the Medicine-Pediatrics home page.