Faculty Profile: Judith DePue, EDD, MPH

Judith DePue
Judith DePue, EDD, MPH
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Judith DePue's research interests focus on public health approaches to deliver preventive care and behavioral/lifestyle interventions. She has particular interest in developing interventions for primary care and community settings and with under-served populations. She is currently co-principal investigator (with Stephen McGarvey, PhD) on an niddk funded project using community health workers to support diabetes self management in American Samoa.


Judith DePue's research interests focus on public health approaches to deliver preventive care and behavioral/lifestyle interventions. She has particular interest in developing interventions for primary care and community settings and with under-served populations. She has recently completed a randomized clinical trial on cultural translation of a diabetes self-management intervention. The community health worker and primary care coordinated intervention provides outreach, education, and support to diabetes patients and their families in American Samoa, while aiming to improve diabetes control outcomes and adherence to diabetes care guidelines.



Research Description

Judith DePue, EdD, MPH, is a clinical professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown Medical School and The Miriam Hospital and a counseling psychologist at the Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine. Her research interests focus on public health approaches to deliver preventive care and behavioral/lifestyle interventions. She has particular interest in developing interventions for primary care and community settings and with under-served populations. In addition to current niddk funded reseach in American Samoa, her recent past research includes several projects, as PI: use of a motivational intervention with parents who smoke and who accompany children in the pediatric emergency department (NCI-funded, J. DePue, PI) and as Co-I: a proactive and sustained telephone counseling intervention for smoking cessation (NCI-funded TTURC Project 3, D Abrams, PI); use of an expert system report to facilitate physician counseling on smoking in New York City primary care offices (AHRQ-funded, W Redd, PI); and a family asthma education project in Providence schools (RWF-funded, R Klein, PI).

Grants and Awards

The Betty Marcus Women's Health Award, for The Miriam Hospital, September, 2012

Dean's Teaching Excellence Award, for exemplary teaching in
Brown Medical School, Bio 371 Medical Interviewing Course,
Awarded July 2001

Teaching Recognition Award, for high student teaching evaluations,
Brown Medical School, awarded June 2005


Society of Behavioral Medicine
American Psychological Association
American Public Health Association

Teaching Experience

Her current teaching roles include clinical & research supervision for pre-doctoral clinical psychology residents, and post-doctoral psychology fellows. She is a member of Brown Clinical Psychology Diversity Committee and past chair of this committee.

Selected Publications

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