Faculty Profile: Andrew Nathanson, MD

Andrew Nathanson
Andrew Nathanson, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Work: +1 401-793-3100
Marine Medicine, Windsurfing Injuries, Surfing Injuries, Sailing Injuries


ANDREW NATHANSON, MD, a graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine, has been on staff at both The Miriam Hospital and Rhode Island Hosptal since 1994. Dr. Nathanson is the Director of Quality Improvement at the Miriam Hospital.

Residency Training: L.A.C. - U.S.C. Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA, in 1994, 2005 Board Certified: Emergency Medicine

Research Interests: Surfing injuries, windsurfing injuries, sailing injuries

Other Interests: Environmental medicine, Marine Medicine, Team work training in Emergency Medicne, Patient Safety



Grants and Awards

Brown University Teaching Recognition Award , 2001
Wilderness Medicine Society Membership Award, 2004
Paul Calabresi Faculty Research Award, 2007
Dean's Excellence in Teaching Award, 2011


Fellow American College of Emergency Medicine
Fellow, Academy of Wilderness Medicine, FAWM
Member Rhode Island Medical Society
Board Certified Emergency Medicine, 1995 - present

Selected Publications

  • Nathanson, AT: "Surfing" Chapter in: O. Mei-Dan, M.R. Carmont (eds.), Adventure and Extreme Sports Injuries London, Springer-Verlag, January, 2013 (2013)
  • Harada S, Goto R, Nathanson AT: Analysis of lifeguard-reported data at Hanauma Bay, HI 2000-2007. Wilderness and Environmental Medicine 2011;22:72-76 (2011)
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