Faculty Profile: Patricia Markham Risica, DRPH

Patricia Markham Risica
Patricia Markham Risica, DRPH
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology (Research)
Institute for Community Health Promotion
Work: +1 401-863-6553
Professor Risica's research interests include obesity, nutritional epidemiology and eating behaviors; the influence of location of fat on the body with disease risk; weight gain during pregnancy and keeping weight after pregnancy; breastfeeding; and diabetes, heart disease and obesity among African American women, in addition to Alaska Natives and other native peoples around the polar parts of the globe.


Dr. Risica is an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology (Research) at Brown University School of Medicine. Dr. Risica has a B.S. from the Ohio State University, and MPH and DrPH from Johns Hopkins University and 6 years of previous experience in clinical nutrition. Upon joining Brown, Dr. Risica was Director of Data Management and the Survey Center (1997-2001). In addition, Dr. Risica was Evaluation Director for the Center of Excellence in Women's Health (2003-2005). Dr. Risica previously served as Co-Investigator for a number of projects and currently functions as the Co-PI and Evaluation Coordinator for several ongoing large intervention projects involving nutrition, physical activity and smoking cessation. Dr. Risica is currently PI of SisterTalk@Home as well as two recently completed studies, "Baby's Breath: Reducing ETS Exposure of Pregnant Women and Newborns", and "SCRIPT New England: Postpartum Maintenance of Abstinence from Tobacco."

Dr. Risica is currently serving as an Epidemiologist and Evaluator for the Initiative for Healthy Weight (IHW) for the Department of Health (DOH). In this role, Dr. Risica interfaces with many divisions and projects within the DOH as well as the many community partners that are working on IHW workgroups and projects.

Dr. Risica is also currently the Advocacy Chairperson for the Rhode Island Public Health Association, and is Past President (2003-04). She is also Communications Chairperson for the Food and Nutrition Section of the American Public Health Association and is serving on the Action Board and Joint Policy Committee. She is Past Chair of that Section (2006-07).



Research Description

Professor Risica's research interests include obesity, risk factors for obesity, body fat distribution, metabolic syndrome and allostatic load; weight gain during pregnancy and retention after pregnancy; breastfeeding; and diabetes, heart disease and obesity in Alaska Natives. Dr. Risica has predominantly worked in evaluation with particular expertise in telephone surveying, as well as in-depth experience in data management.

Grants and Awards

Food and Nutrition Section, Chair Award, American Public Health Association, 2005.

Deans award for excellence in teaching, Brown University School of Medicine, August 2003.

Elsa Orent Keiles Fellowship in Biochemistry and Human Nutrition in International Health, Johns Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health, 1997.

Lydia J. Roberts Fellowship in Public Health Nutrition, The American Dietetic Association and the American Dietetic Association Foundation, 1992.


1999- Rhode Island Public Health Association
2000-2002 Membership Committee Chairperson
2002 President Elect
2003 President
2004- Communications Committee Chairperson, Nominations Chairperson
2005- Advocacy Committee Chairperson
2007 Board Member

1998- Society for Epidemiologic Research

2001- North American Association for the Study of Obesity
2005- Fellow of the North American Association for the Study of Obesity

1993- American Public Health Association
1999-2001 Newsletter Editor, Food and Nutrition Section
2001-2002 Secretary Elect, Food and Nutrition Section
2002-2003 Secretary, Food and Nutrition Section
2004-2005 Section Council, Affiliate / Section Liaison, Food and Nutrition Section
Food and Nutrition Section Chair Award
2006 Chairperson Elect
2007 Chairperson
2010 Communications Chairperson
2010 Action Board
2010 Joint Policy Committee

1987- American Dietetic Association
1998- Rhode Island Dietetic Association
1993-1998 Alaska Dietetic Association
1987-1993 Maryland Dietetic Association

1994-1998 American Society for Circumpolar Health

1988–1993 American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

1988–1993 Maryland Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
1989-1990 Secretary
1990–1992 Board Member

Funded Research

1. NIH R18 DK68525 (Risica Dual PI with Lasater) 5/1/2007 – 4/30/2012
NIDDK SisterTalk @ Home: Home-based Weight Loss for AA Women
The current proposal builds upon an existing and demonstrably effective 12-hour video-based weight management program for Black women. Existing video footage will be adapted and new content added to develop a series of 36 half hour sessions and 6 boosters targeting nutrition, physical activity and self management techniques.

2. NIH 1 R01 HL070947-01A1 (Risica) Principal Investigator 9/30/03 – 7/31/2010 (NCE 2)
NHLBI Reducing ETS Exposure of Pregnant Women and Newborns
The purpose of this study is to develop an innovative intervention (tailored "take-home" DVDs) to help low income pregnant women maximize their pregnancy outcome and their new infant's health through smoking cessation and reduction in exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and to study the feasibility and efficacy of this intervention compared with a usual care group.

3. NIH R01 HL77608-01 (Risica) Principal Investigator 9/1/2004 – 8/31/2010 (NCE)
NHLBI Postpartum Maintenance of Abstinence from Tobacco
The purpose of the project is to develop and field test a maintenance of smoking abstinence program designed for a predominantly low-income, high risk population of women from a wide variety of ethnic/racial backgrounds who have quit smoking because of (or during) their pregnancy.

Teaching Experience

2005 - Guest Lecturer, Epidemiology, Research Design and Methods, Department of Nutrition, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

2004- Lecturer, Pathophysiology/Nutrition 281 (Medical Students) Brown University Medical School, Providence, RI

2000- Small Group Facilitator, Pathophysiology/Nutrition 281 (Medical Students) Brown University Medical School, Providence, RI

Courses Taught

  • Nutrition Problems in the Developing World (BC0168)

Selected Publications

  • Eide MJ, Weinstock MA, Dufresne RG, Neelagaru S, Risica PM, Burkholder G, Upegui DI, Phillips KA, Armstrong BA, Robinson-Bostom L. Relationship of treatment delay with surgical defect size from keratinocyte carcinoma (basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma of the skin). J Invest Dermatol. 2005 Feb;124(2):308-14. (2005)
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