Faculty Profile: Tracy O'Leary Tevyaw, PhD

Tracy O'Leary Tevyaw
Tracy O'Leary Tevyaw, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Work: +1 401-273-7100--x6149
My areas of research interest include (1) developing interventions and enhancing existing treatments for reducing drinking and smoking among adolescents, young adults, and college students, (2) enhancing integrated primary care through shared medical appointments.


Dr. Tevyaw is a Clinical Associate Professor, DPHB, and a clinical psychologist at the Providence VA Medical Center. She is the primary clinical supervisor of the VA Primary Care rotation, Brown University Clinical Psychology Internship, Behavioral Medicine Track. She received her PhD in clinical psychology from the State University of New York (Albany), completed clinical internship at the Brown University Clinical Psychology Internship Consortium, and completed postdoctoral fellowship in alcohol treatment/early intervention research at the Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies. She served as Co-PI for a NIDA grant comparing the separate and combined effects of contingency management and motivational interviewing (MI) for adolescent smokers and also as PI of a NIAAA grant examining peer involvement in MI for reducing hazardous drinking among college students. Dr. Tevyaw's primary clinical research areas include cognitive behavioral therapy, substance use disorders, anxiety disorders, and MI/brief interventions.



Research Description

As a clinical psychologist, my research interests center on developing, enhancing, and implementing psychosocial treatments and brief interventions. This has included investigating the efficacy of motivational interviewing (MI) for reducing drinking and smoking behaviors, studying the additive effects of contingency management on MI, and integrating behavioral health into shared medical appointments in a primary care setting.

Grants and Awards

1989-1993 Full Graduate Scholarship, State University of New York at Albany
1994-1996 Research Fellow, Brown University
July, 1997 Young Investigator Travel Award, Research Society on Alcoholism
June, 1999 Research Excellence Award, Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies, Brown University
1997-2000 National Research Service Award, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Funded Research

Post-doctoral Research Fellow/Training Award Recipient, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) 5T32 AA07459-14 (R. Longabaugh, PI)
"Alcohol Intervention/Treatment Outcome Research Training" (9/1/97-6/30/00).

Principal Investigator, Research Excellence Award, Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies, Brown University
"Peer-based Motivational Interviewing for ETOH+ College Students," $14,400 (6/99-12/00).

Principal Investigator, NIAAA R01 AA12319
"Peer-Enhanced Motivational Interviewing for ETOH Misuse," $899,576 (6/01/01-2/28/05).

Co-Principal Investigator and Project Director, NIDA 2 R01 DA11204-06
"Contingency Management and MET for Adolescent Smoking," $3,538,123 (7/1/01-6/30/07).

Co-Investigator, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) R01 grant (S. Colby, PI)
"Smoking Versus Alternative Reinforcers in Adolescents," $1,931,258 (7/1/03-6/30/08).

Co-Investigator, NIAAA R01AA13970 (N. Barnett, PI)
"Naturalistic Influences on Alcohol Problems in College," $3,358, 890 (7/1/03-6/30/08).

Co-Investigator, NIAAA R01 grant (B. Borsari, PI)
"Stepped Care for Mandated College Students," $1,782,500 (6/1/05-5/31/10).

Selected Publications

  • Tevyaw, T.O'L., Colby, S. M., Tidey, J. W., Kahler, C. W., Rohsenow, D. J., Barnett, N. P., Gwaltney, C. J., & Monti, P. M. (2009). Contingency management and motivational enhancement: A randomized clinical trial for college student smokers. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 11, 739-749. (2009)
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  • Borsari, B., Tevyaw, T.O'L., Barnett, N.P., Kahler, C.W., & Monti, P.M. (2007). Stepped care for mandated college students: A pilot study. American Journal on Addictions, 16, 131-137. (2007)
  • Tevyaw, T.O'L, Borsari, B., Colby, S.M., & Monti, P.M. (in press). Peer-enhanced motivational interviewing for mandated college students: A pilot study. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 2l, 114-119. (2007)
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