Faculty Profile: Ting Zhao

Ting Zhao
Assistant Professor (Research)
Work: +1 401-444-5975
My research interest focuses on studying the molecular and physiological mechanism(s) of cardiovascular diseases. Our findings demonstrated the protective effects of activating adenosine receptors and p38 against cardiac damages. Using the in vivo myocardial infarction model, we have recently shown the beneficial effect of transplantation of hematopoietic stem cell in the mouse.

Research Description

The primary interest of our laboratory is to investigate the molecular signaling system that protects the heart against injury in myocardial ischemic models. My early research was largely involved in the mechanism of membrane transporters such as sodium/proton in regulation of ischemia and reperfusion injury. In addition, we used physiological and molecular approaches to address the signaling pathway of adenosine receptors, mitogen-activated protein kinases (p38 and PKC) and transcriptional factors (NF-kappa B) in mediating myocardial ischemia and reperfusion. One of our current studies is to utilize physiological strategies including mouse in vivo/in vitro myocardial infarction models in conjunction with other molecular techniques to explore the role of stem cells in myocardial regeneration.

Grants and Awards

1. The Royal Society Research Fellowship Award, UK in 1996.
2. The Scientific and Technical Advance Award (Henan, China) in 1995.
3. The Young Scientist Award by China Government (Henan) in 1994.
4. The Young Investigator Award by International Society for Heart Research (ISHR)—Chinese Section in 1992.


International Society for Heart Research (ISHR)—North America

Funded Research


NIH COBRE for Perinatal Biology, 10/01/2003-09/30/2008
1P20 RR018728-01
Program Director: James F. Padbury
Project Title: "Pilot Project I: The Role of Beta1-AR/PI3 Kinase Signaling in Myocardial Regeneration"
Role: Principal Investigator

Rhode Island Foundation, 01/25/2006-01/25/2007
Project Title: "P38 Isoform(s) Regulation of Cardiac Preconditioning"
Role: Principal Investigator


Mid-Atlantic –AHA Grant in Aid, 07/01/2001–6/30/2003
American Heart Association
Project Title: "Investigating the Mechanism of Myocardial Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury"
Role: Principal Investigator
The goal of this study was to evaluate p38 and NF-kappa B in mediating the late phase of preconditioning in the heart.