Faculty Profile: M. Faizan

M. Faizan
Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Clinical)
Bio Med Pediatrics

Selected Publications

  • Porter MP, Faizan MK, Grady RW, Mueller BA. Hypospadias in Washington State: maternal risk factors and prevalence trends. Pediatrics. 2005 Apr;115(4):e495-9. Epub 2005 Mar 1. (2005)
  • Faizan MK, Finn LS, Paladin AM, McDonald RA. A 14 year old girl with recumbent proteinuria. Pediatr Nephrol 2002; 17:379-81. (2002)
  • The Child with Acute Nephritic Syndrome. Smith JM, Faizan MK, Eddy AE. In:Clinical Paediatric Nephrology. Third Edition. Oxford University Press, 2001. (2001)
  • Luby S, Syed A, Atiullah, Faizan MK, Fisher Hoch S. The limited effectiveness of home drinking water purification efforts in Karachi, Pakistan. Int. J Infect Dis. 2000;4:3-7. (2000)
  • Luby SP, Faizan MK, Fisher-Hoch SP, Syed A, Mintz, Bhutta ZA, McCormick JB. Risk factors for typhoid fever in an endemic setting, Karachi, Pakistan. Epidemiol Infect 1998; 120:129-38. (1998)
  • Khan J, Islam N, Faizan K, Jafri W, Rizvil I. Chest Roentgenographic findings of Tuberculosis in Pakistani adults. Specialist 1993;0:5-9. (1993)
  • Kohane IS, Faizan MK, Adjanee N, Najjar SS. Can cost-efectiveness of Growth Hormone be impoved? Pediatric Res 1993. 33(5) S51 (Abstract). (1993)
  • Khan J, Islam N, Faizan K, Jafri W. Roentgenoraphic findings of pulmonary tuberculosis in adults. Am Rev Resp Dis 1992;145:A313 (Abstract) (1992)