Faculty Profile: Joanne Lomas-Neira, M.S. Ph.D.

Joanne Lomas-Neira
Joanne Lomas-Neira, M.S. Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Surgery (Research)
Bio Med Surgery
Work: +1 401-444-7796
My project focuses on endothelial cell-specific mediators, Angiopoietins 1 & 2, and their role in the vascular dysfunction observed in the development of acute lung injury (ALI).

Research Description

My project focuses on endothelial cell-specific mediators, Angiopoietins 1 & 2, and their role in the vascular dysfunction we observe in the development of acute lung injury (ALI). Under physiological conditions, expression of these 2 proteins and their interaction with their shared receptor, Tie2, is tightly regulated. However, in trauma patients and in our shock/sepsis mouse model for the development of ALI, Ang-2 in significantly up-regulated, deleteriously impacting vascular integrity (increased micro-vascular permeability and edema). The aims of my project are to determine the kinetics of Ang-2/Ang-1 change in expression and begin to unravel the mechanisms (cellular and/or molecular) that precipitate loss of pulmonary endothelial barrier function in the development of ALI.

Grants and Awards

Rhode Island Foundation Medical Research Grant 2010-2011
Surgical Infection Society Junior Faculty Fellowship 2011-2012


American Association of Immunologists
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Society of Investigative Pathology
International Cytokine Society
Shock Society
Society for Leukocyte Biology
Surgical Infection Society

Funded Research

Endothelial Injury and Repair: Cardiopulmonary Vascular Biology COBRE GM103652

Selected Publications

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