BRIGHT Pathway Lectures

Non-Communicable Disease: A Global Health Crisis in a New World Order  (Eli Adashi MD MS CPE FACOG 5/7/2013)

Complex Humanitarian Emergencies   (Adam Levine, MD MPH  4/9/13)

Vaccine Development for Pediatric Falciparum Malaria   (Jonathan Kurtis, MD PhD  10/11/12)

Still a "Wormy World": The burden of helminthiasis in lesser developed countries   (Jennifer Friedman, MD, MPH, PhD  9/11/12)

Evolving Paradigms of Global Health: Human Resources for Health and Non-Communicable Diseases   (Brian Montague, DO MS MPH  8/14/12)

PREP: Primary Prevention of HIV in At Risk Women (Eli Adashi MD MS CPE FACOG 6/12/2012)

Rheumatic Heart Disease in Sub Saharan Africa  (Thomas Noonan, MD   5/8/12)

 Cholera – Tradition and Authority Versus Science and Reason  (Charles Carpenter, MD   4/10/12)

Parasitology  (Jerome Larkin, MD 7/12/11)

Introduction to Refugee Health   (Delma Jean Watts, MD and Elizabeth Toll, MD  11/8/11)

Dengue- implications of pathogenesis studies for management and prevention of severe disease  (Dr. Alan Rothman 8/9/11)

The Global HIV Epidemic  (Jerome Larkin, MD 7/12/11)

Cervical Cancer Screening in Western Kenya  (Susan Cu-Uvin, MD 4/12/11)

The Global Impact of Viral Hepatitis and Burden of Disease in Resource Limited Settings   (Brian Montague, DO MS MPH  3/8/11)

Global Health Burden of TB  (Jane Carter, MD 1/11/11)

Fever in the Returned Traveler  (Maria Mileno, MD 10/20/10)

Pathways to Carrers in Global Health   (Herb Harwell, MD  7/12/10)