Dual Degree Programs

MD-ScM Program

Alpert Medical School is introducing a novel, four-year combined degree program for the entering class of 2015.  This program awards the MD and a ScM degree in Population Medicine to a select cohort of 24 students.  Funded by the AMA as an innovation in medical education, this program will prepare future physicians to practice medicine in a rapidly changing health care environment.  Knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for population medicine -- such as quality, safety, and health disparities -- will be taught from the beginning of medical school and integrated longitudinally throughout the educational program.  This program will contain several distinct curricular elements including nine courses focusing on health systems, policy, quantitative methods, and population and clinical medicine in special populations e.g., underserved, incarcerated, and elderly.

MD/PhD Program

The MD/PhD program accepts applications only from current PLME and Alpert Medical School students. The program aims to promote careers in academic medicine. Most MD/PhD students have an extensive research background that shows a true commitment to integrating research and clinical medicine. The time commitment is substantial. Students spend four years in medical school and at least three years in graduate work. Full tuition funding is provided for all years of the program except the first two years of medical school. There are generally only one to two students accepted to the program each year. (link TK)

MPH Program

Brown University's School of Public Health awards a fully-accredited Master of Public Health degree. The goal of the program is to help students become skilled professionals committed to improving the health of communities by translating rigorous scientific research into sound, evidence-based public health policy and practice. Students in the MPH Program are closely involved with the School of Public Health's ten public health research centers, in which they directly experience the synergies among public health research, dissemination, and policy. Brown MD students must apply to the MPH degree program through the Graduate School.