External Educational Faculty Development

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MGH Institute of Health Professions (A graduate school founded by Massachusetts General Hospital)                   

              -Master of Science in Health Professions Education (Part-Time, Online Format)                                                                                                                                                     -A 33-credit master's program designed for credentialed health professionals and others involved in health professionals education who wish to enhance their teaching and curriculum development abilities. This program offers a comprehensive examination of evidence-based education and provides opportunity for students to gain additional competencies in leadership and scholarship.

             -Health Professions Education Certificates (Two Formats)                             -The 9-credit Certificate of Completion and the 15-credit Certificate of Advanced Study are both part-time, online courses, which are designed to better prepare current or prospective health care professions educators - clinical instructors, faculty and preceptors - to teach health professions students in a variety of settings.

Harvard Macy Institute - Professional Development Programs for Academic Leaders (Online registration for programs is available at www.harvardymacy.org)

                -Program for Educators in the Health Professions                                     -This program is divided into two sessions because each participant pursues a focused institutional project that addresses the challenges facing their home institution. When scholars leave the winter session, they are linked to program faculty who will follow the progress of projects between sessions. During the spring session, the scholars will report on the development of their projects, analyze their experiences, and formulate new strategies for their institutions. Major areas of focus for this program are:  (1) Learning and teaching environments, (2) Curriculum development for health care professionals, (3) Evaluation and assessment strategies, (4) faculty development, and (5) Information technology to support learning                                                                                                                          

-Future Dates:  January 12-22, 2014 (Boston)                                                                                                            May 18-23, 2014 (Boston)                                                                                                                    January 11-21, 2015 (Boston)                                                                                                             May 17-22, 2015 (Boston)

                -Program for Leading Innovations in Health Care and Education                                                                                                                 -Major areas of focus:  (1) Embracing potential disruptive innovations, (2) Developing a vision and mission, (3) Building coalitions to drive new initiatives, (4) Managing conflict and resistance to chance, and (5) Designing strategic and operational plans                                                                                          

-Future Dates:  June 15-20, 2014 (Boston)                                                                                                                 June 14-19, 2015 (Boston)

                -A Systems Approach to Assessment in Health Science Education                                                                                                                 -Major areas of focus:  (1) Develop systems planning tools to promote organizational learning, (2) Apply outcomes logic model to guide assessment planning, (3) Define best practices for program and institutional accreditation, (4) Design an institutional assessment program, and (5) Translate educational goals & mission into measurable outcomes                                      

-Future Dates:  March 9-14, 2014 (Boston)                                                                                                               March 15-20, 2015 (Boston)

                -Become a Digital Citizen:  Technology in Health Care Education                                                                                                                 -Major areas of focus:  (1) Asynchronous and online learning, (2) Classroom technology for interactive learning, (3) Managing information, and (4) Social Media, online communities of inquiry and social constructivism and connectivism                                                                                                        

-Future Dates:  October 20-24, 2014 (Boston)                                                                                                           October 19-23, 2015 (Boston)

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Medical Education       

               -Educational Leadership Program for Health Professionals                    -Program goals:  (1) To provide health professions education leaders with a broad and rigorous foundation in the theory and practice of education, (2) To provide healthcare organizations with effective and innovative leaders who will serve the needs of their communities, and (3) To provide the field of health professions education with scholars who will advance our understanding and practice of education in the health professions. The MHPE can be completed in two nontraditional formats:  the on-campus intensive format or the online format.                                  

              -Certificate Program in Standardized-Patient-Based Education                 -This program provides the knowledge and skills to create compelling educational programs using standardized patients, alone and in combination with other Simulation modalities.                                                                                                                       -Program Dates:  October 26-31, 2014

               -Doctoral (PhD) Program in Education - Curriculum Studies Focus in Health Professions Education (HPE)                                                            -Two pre-eminent programs, the Curriculum Studies Program in the College of Education and the Masters of Health Professions Education leadership program in the Department of Medical Education, are collaborating to offer a focus in Health Professions Education in the Doctoral Program in Education-Curriculum Studies. This program is for (a) health professionals with a master's degree in medical or health professions education or a related field who wish to obtain a doctoral level preparation for leadership and scholarship in health professions education institutions and settings, as well as (b) non health professionals with a master's degree in education or a related field who wish to practice or do scholarship in health professions institutions and settings.