Welcome to the Official PLME Senate Website!

We are the official representative organization of the Program in Liberal Medical Education, an eight-year program at Brown University that bridges our undergraduate and medical school curricula together. We hope this website answers any questions you may have about the PLME Senate, but feel free to e-mail us with any questions. See you at our next meeting!

Interested in coming to PLME Senate meetings? Click here for the 2014 - 2015 schedule!

It's not too late to get involved! If interested, e-mail one of our co-presidents


Get ready for 2015! We're hoping to expand Senate and engage more PLMEs. Send us an email if you have any ideas.

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If you're interested in doing community service, please consider joining CHAP! We need YOU to help make a difference.

Upcoming Events

Whole Physician Program is looking for volunteers to speak to admitted PLME students during ADOCH. More details coming soon - expect an email soliciting volunteers!

PLME Senate elections are coming up soon. If you are interested in running, please attend the April 12th meeting for more details or send an email to one of our co-presidents. A poll will be released to all PLME students on April 26th, and results will be announced during PLME Formal.

PLME FORMAL (theme: The Great Gatsbywill take place on Friday, May 1st/Saturday, May 2nd, 7-9 PM (tentative) at the BOOMBOX, a karaoke lounge in the Dean Hotel at 122 Fountain St. Space is limited (first come, first serve)! You are responsible for your own transportation - it's about 15 minutes walking from the Main Green. Please fill out the survey with your preference of Friday or Saturday for the date: SURVEY HERE.

Program in Liberal Medical Education

Looking for the official website of the Program in Liberal Medical Education? Click here! This website contains information about various aspects of the PLME for both prospective and current students, such as: