The Academies

Student Communities

The academy system organizes students into learning communities headed by staff members and faculty. Academies consist of students from all four years of medical school, a full-time director and coordinator, as well as three faculty career advisers.

Each academy has a dedicated 3,500-square-foot area in the new building that features a lounge area, meeting spaces, lockers, a kitchen, and administrative space for faculty and staff.

The goals of the academy system at Alpert Medical School include:

  • Promoting student wellness
  • Fostering and modeling professionalism
  • Enhancing connectivity and collaboration

The academies provide a support system and help students foster personal and professional connections—from day one through the last year of medical school.

Academy Contact Information

Blue Academy

Director:  Alex Morang

Coordinator: Janice Viticonte

CIM Lead Faculty:  Joe Diaz, MD, Internal Medicine
Co-Faculty: Laura Levine, MD, Psychiatry
Michael Connolly, MD, Surgery
Blue Academy CIM Faculty Biographies

Green Academy

Director:  TBA

Coordinator: Anthony Calcagni

CIM Lead Faculty: Jane Eisen, MD, Psychiatry
Co-Faculty: Sybil Cineas, MD, Medicine/Pediatrics
Nicole E. Alexander, MD, MPH, Adult and Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Green Academy CIM Faculty Biographies

Red Academy

Director:  Emily Green

Coordinator: TBA

CIM Lead Faculty:  Brian Clyne, MD, Emergency Medicine
Co-Faculty: Marcia VanVleet, MD, MPH, Pediatrics
Red Academy CIM Faculty Biographies