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The Office of Medical Student Affairs

Alexandra Morang
Director of Medical Student Affairs, Blue Academy Director

Janice Viticonte
Residency Program Coordinator, Blue Academy Coordinator
Provides administrative assistance to the Director of Medical Student Affairs. Supports all administrative operations for the Office of Medical Student Affairs.  Coordinates career advisors for students and works with fourth-year medical students on residency applications.  Assists with Blue Academy programming.


Emily Green
Assistant Director of Medical Student Affairs, Red Academy Director
Directs the Red Academy and manages the Summer Assistantship funding program for students' summer work between Years I and II. Coordinates academic resources for medical students and oversees the Program in Educational Faculty Development.

Green Academy Director - TBA

Anthony Calcagni
Green Academy Coordinator
Fax 401-863-3801

Donna Arruda
Events Manager
Manages all major events for the Office of Medical Student Affairs, such as  Careers in Medicine, the BioMed Concert, the Simon and Sheridan Lectureships, the Gold Humanism Honor Society Ceremony, Match Day, the AOA Induction Ceremony, Orientation and Commencement.

Lori Avallone
Coordinator, Clinical Rotations
Works with third- and fourth-year students on clinical scheduling of rotations, evaluations, rotation lotteries, and provides some advising and guiding through the clinical years. Also handles issues with OASIS.

Linda A. Conte
Clerkship Assistant

Schedules international and visiting students for clerkship rotations at the hospitals.

Mary Canzone
Administrative Assistant
Fax 401-863-3801