A - Z Information

AAMC Matriculating Student Questionnaire (MSQ):  All incoming first-year medical students are asked to complete the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Matriculating Student Questionnaire.  The MSQ is one of the two main sources for learning about the needs, plans, and opinions of medical students.  This questionnaire can be completed online at: http://www.aamc.org/msq.  Students will need their AAMC 8-digit number to log in.  An ID look-up feature is available at the log-in site.  Students who have problems logging in should contact the AAMC directly at msq@aamc.org and include their full name, medical school, AAMC ID number, and email address.  The questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to complete, and students will have the ability to save their responses and return to complete the survey at a later time.  The AAMC will provide us with a weekly listing of all students who have completed the questionnaire.

Al’s Pals:  This student-led initiative at Alpert Medical School aims to facilitate your transition into medical school. Incoming students who are interested in receiving an M2 Pal (i.e., buddy) will be asked to fill out a short online survey in the near future, which will enable the Al's Pals coordinators to make effective pairings. Your pal can help answer questions ranging from which books to buy, how to find a good summer project or fun places to hang out in Providence.  More detailed information will be emailed to you over the summer.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Olivia Linden, MD '16 at Olivia_Linden@brown.edu; Jen Vigneswaran, MD '16 at Janani_Vigneswaran@brown.edu; or Adam Driesman, MD '16 at Adam_Driesman@brown.edu. We look forward to meeting you all!

Basic Life Support Training:  As a component of Doctoring, it is mandatory that all students participate in the Basic Life Support (BLS) course.  It is a four-hour course that will be held during day one of orientation—Wednesday, August 7.  A booklet entitled “Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers”, published by the American Heart Association will be made available to you on the day of the course.  No review prior to the course is necessary.  If you have already been certified for BLS, please provide the Student Affairs Office with proof of your certification prior to August 1.  Please note that BLS certification is only valid for two years, and your training must be from Healthcare Providers, not Heart Saver.

Bloodborne Pathogen/Universal Precautions Training:  It is mandatory for all medical students to receive bloodborne pathogen training on an annual basis.  This training will take place during orientation.  For further information on the OSHA regulations, please follow this link:  http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/bloodbornepathogens/index.html

Brown Adventure Day:  Brown Adventure Day is a great way to learn about yourself and your classmates, as you tackle challenging, fun tasks.  The adventure games focus on team-work, collaboration, problem solving, and group development in fun and creative ways.  The event is held at the Wheeler School Farm in Seekonk, MA.  If you are interested in participating in this fun and adventurous program on day three of orientation, you will need to complete the two-page participation agreement form and return it directly to:  Donna Arruda, Alpert Medical School of Brown University, 222 Richmond Street, Box G-M262, Providence, RI 02912, or by email (Donna_Arruda@Brown.EDU), prior to orientation.

Brown ID Cards and Photo Identification Badges:  All students in the MD Class of 2017 must visit the Brown Card Office prior to orientation on August 7 to pick up their new Brown ID Card and Photo Identification Badge. 

  • Returning Students:  You do NOT need to submit a new photo to the Brown Card Office for your new ID and photo identification badge.  Your old photo is still in their system. If you would like a new photo, you must visit the Brown Card Office in person during normal business hours to have a photo taken.  Returning students do not have the option to submit a new photo via the Banner process--this is only open to NEW students.
  • Students New to Brown:  You need to submit a photo to the Brown Card Office on or before August 1 which will be used to create your ID card and photo identification badge.  To submit your photo, please log into the secure area of Banner (https://selfservice.brown.edu), Applicant and Student section, and use the link for Brown ID Online Photo Submission.  If you fail to upload your photo prior to August 1, you will need to stop by the Brown Card Office upon your arrival to Providence (J. Walter Wilson, 69 Brown Street, 5th Floor, Room 511) between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm (summer hours) to have your photo taken.  These cards will give you access to the Medical School Building, University libraries, Athletic Facility, and Arnold Lab.   If you experience any problems with your ID/access card, please contact Patricia Martins at 863-2483 or Patricia_Martins@Brown.EDU.

It is mandatory that all medical students who will be attending Brown University’s affiliated hospitals wear a photo identification badge.  Since you will be enrolled in the Doctoring course during your first semester, you must obtain your photo identification badge and wear it at all times in the hospital.  Your instructors will also expect you to wear it in class while they are getting to know you. 

Classes and Course Registration:  Classes will commence on Tuesday, August 13.  You will be sent an email within the next few weeks on how to access the MD2017 course web site, CANVAS, where you will find a textbook listing and other course material.  Please note that course registration for required courses is done automatically for all first- and second-year students.  Once you begin classes, you will hear about various preclinical electives which you can choose to take if they are of interest to you.  They will be advertised via your class listserv.  Please feel free to contact Eileen Palenchar, Records and Registration System Manager, with any course registration-related questions (401-863-6152;  Eileen_Palenchar@brown.edu).

Community Mentor:  As part of the Doctoring course, you will spend a half day each week with a community-based physician practicing the clinical skills you learn in class.  You will work with one physician mentor for your first year of medical school and with a different physician mentor during your second year.  Year I placements will be assigned by lottery in late August.  If you have any questions regarding the mentoring program, please contact Julia Noguchi after August 1 at Julia_Noguchi@brown.edu or 401-863-9717.

Diagnostic Equipment for Doctoring I:  It is required that each student have their own diagnostic equipment for the Doctoring course by September 17 in preparation for vital signs practice.  For your convenience, the Doctoring administrators will give a “Diagnostic Equipment Overview/Demonstration" during Doctoring Orientation on August 20.  Click here for the list of required equipment.

EMSR:  Alpert Medical School uses an electronic medical student record (EMSR) in lieu of paper files.  The record includes information included in the AMCAS application, the student’s medical school academic record, and a student-maintained portfolio.  The portfolio allows a student to document scholarly activities, including research activities, presentations and publications.  Access to a student’s EMSR is limited to the student, key administrators and student-designated advisors.  Information about how to access EMSR will be provided during orientation.

"Getting Your House in Order"--Advice for Students Entering Medical School

HIPAA Training:  Please note that HIPAA training is mandatory for all students and must be completed before August 1st.  The training modules are online and take less than one hour to complete.  Once you have completed the training, please email a copy of your completion certificate to Eileen Palenchar at: Eileen_Palenchar@brown.edu.  Instructions on how to access the training modules are in the following document.  If you have questions regarding the training, please contact Eileen.

iPad Training:  Tech Support Open Hours, as well as IPAD Workshops will be held during first-year Orientation.

Lockers and Mailboxes:  Students will receive their combined locker/mailbox 4-digit number on day 1 of orientation.  The lockers/mailboxes are located on the second floor of the Medical School Building, in the academy suites.  Students will need to provide their own combination locks.  Your address will be:  Medical Student Name, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Box G-(4 digit number), Providence, RI 02912.   However, since UPS and other package carriers require a signature for delivery, please use the following address for express mail (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.):  The Warren Alpert Medical School, Box G-M(4-digit number), 70 Ship Street, Providence, RI 02903.

Medical Forms and Immunization Requirements

N95 Respirator Training and Fitting:  All medical students working in the hospitals are now required to be N95 respirator qualified on an annual basis.  This mandatory qualification process requires annual training, annual fit testing and completion of a medical questionnaire.  The training and fit testing will take place during first-year orientation.  For compliance with OSHA regulations, all students receiving a fit test must be clean shaven during the test.  All medical students must be in compliance, and will not be allowed to work in the Brown affiliated hospitals without it.  Please follow this link (osh.brown.edu) to complete the mandatory "Medical Evaluation Questionnaire" prior to August 1.  The form can only be completed online.  Please do not forward it to the Student Affairs Office since it contains confidential health information.  For further information on the OSHA regulations, please click on this link:  http://www.osha.gov/Publications/osha3079.pdf.

Parking and Shuttle Information:  The Alpert Medical School of Brown University has a five-story parking structure that hosts 350 parking spaces.  If you wish to acquire a University parking space in the garage, you will need to first register your student and vehicle information on the Transportation Office's webpage.  Once completed, you can visit the University's Transportation Office, located on the fifth floor of the J. Walter Wilson Building (60 Brown Street, Suite 511).  Please bring your Brown ID, along with a valid vehicle registration and insurance card, and inform the staff that you are a student at the Alpert Medical School and that you are there to get your parking assignment for the garage.  You will be issued a University sticker for your vehicle and an access card that will be required for you to get in and out of the garage.  By registering for University parking, you will be charged an annual fee of $605 and be responsible for compliance with all University parking regulations, which may be found on their webpage.

There is ample bike storage and shuttle service running to and from the Medical School from various locations on campus and the hospitals (http://www.brown.edu/transportation).

Tuition and Billing Statements:  Information about the medical school's tuition and fee schedule can be found at http://brown.edu/Administration/Financial_Services/Bursar/MedicalStudents.html  For questions about your student account, please contact your Student Account Representative.  Representatives are assigned based on the first letter of your last name and contact information for them can be found at http://brown.edu/Administration/Financial_Services/Bursar/contact_info.html

Wellness Center Access Form:  To receive access to the 4th floor Wellness Center and adjacent fitness room at 222 Richmond Street, students must complete the online release form at the following link:  https://docs.google.com/a/brown.edu/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFBpNE1....   Students will need their Brown ID number to complete the form, and it will take 48 hours to process.

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