About us

You can find a list of AMS Senators for the 2013-2014 academic year below.  To contact any of us, please email us at ams.senate@gmail.com.

Executive Committee

  • President: Honora Burnett '15
  • Vice President: Olivier van Houtte '15
  • Treasurer: Unikora Yang '16
  • Secretary: Joshua Rodriguez-Srednicki '16

Committee representatives*

*This list will be updated as the year progresses.

  • Association of American Medical Colleges: Grayson Armstrong '14, Peter Kaminski '14
  • Campus Center Advisory Board: Cate Berger '15
  • Campus Life Advisory Board: Hari Vigneswaran '15
  • Campus Life Athletics Subcommittee: Satyajit Reddy '15
  • Community Liaison Advisory Board: Mohammed Elsayed '16
  • Diversity Board: Vacant
  • Graduate Library Advisory Committee: Stanford Tran '15
  • Information Technology Advisory Board: Rahul Banerjee '14
  • Medical Alumni Association: Olivier van Houtte '15, John Williams '15
  • Medical Building Operations Committee: Grayson Armstrong '14, Terra Schaetzel-Hill '15
  • Patient Advocacy Coordinating Council: Joshua Rodriguez-Srednicki '16, Vyvy Trinh '16
  • Program in Liberal Medical Education: Vacant
  • Public Safety Oversight Committee: Dan Resnick-Ault '15
  • Student Conduct Board: Emily Li '15
  • University Community Council: Honora Burnett '15, Jane Zhang '14
  • University Resources Committee: Justin Glavis-Bloom '16

MD'14 representatives

  • Class Representatives: Katrina Chu, Rachel Marano, Paul Shultz
  • Curriculum Committee Representative: Sheela Krishnan
  • Social Chair: Heather Jones
  • PLME Advisory Committee: Vacant

MD'15 representatives

  • Class Representatives: Rob Heinl, Nicolas Nassikas, Hari Vigneswaran
  • Curriculum Committee Representative: Aron Mohan
  • Social Chair: Keith Butts
  • PLME Advisory Committee: Vacant

MD'16 representatives

  • Class Representatives: Jason Bowman, Amadeo de Luca-Westrate, Rebecca Slotkin
  • Curriculum Committee Representative: Jovian Yu
  • Social Chair: Jen Vigneswaran
  • PLME Advisory Committee: Caitlin Naureckas

MD'17 representatives

  • Class Representatives: Not yet filled
  • Curriculum Committee Representative: Not yet filled
  • Social Chair: Not yet filled
  • PLME Advisory Committee: Not yet filled