Current Year Courses



Fall Semester 2014

Comparative Literature

COLT 1310E – A Classical Islamic Education, E. Muhanna


ENGL 1360H – Seminar in Old English Literature, L. Jacobs


HIST 1030 - The Long Fall of the Roman Empire, J. Conant

HIST 1976Z -Charlemagne, J. Conant


Spring Semester 2015

Comparative Literature

COLT 0510K - 1001 Nights, E. Muhanna

COLT 0610Q - Before Wikipedia, E. Muhanna


LATN 1110F – Fortunatus, J. Pucci


ENGL 0300F – Beowulf to Aphra Behn: The Earliest British Literatures, E. Bryan

ENGL 1310V – Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales, E. Bryan

ENGL 1361D – Women’s Voices in Medieval Literature, L. Jacobs


HIST 0150B - The Philosopher’s Stone: Alchemy From Antiquity to Harry Potter, T. Nummedal

HIST 1031 - The Viking Age, J. Conant

HIST 1040 - Crusaders and Cathedrals, Deviants and Dominance: Europe in the High Middle Ages, A. Remensnyder

HIST 1972H - Sex Power God: A Medieval Perspective, A. Remensnyder

HIST 2970A - New perspectives on Medieval History, A. Remensnyder

History of Art and Architecture

HIAA 1440B - The Medieval Monastery, S. Bonde

Medieval Studies

MDVL 0360 - Cities: Medieval Perspectives

Religious Studies

RELS 0640: Dying to Be With God: Jihad, Past and Present, N. Khalek

RELS 2400H - Christians and Muslims in the Early Middle Ages, N. Khalek