Course Offerings

Antiphonal Fol. 15, John Hay LibraryAntiphonal Fol. 15, John Hay Library

Listed below are courses on Medieval topics regularly offered in various departments. To find out which of these courses are offered this year please consult Current Year Courses. Students interested in the 200-level courses listed here must obtain the instructor's permission before enrolling. Other courses may count for concentration credit upon consultation with the Program Director.




Archaeology and the Ancient World

Art in Antiquity: An Introduction (ARCH 0030)

Late Roman and Early Christian Art and Architecture (ARCH 0550)

Topics in Old World Archaeology and Art (ARCH 1200)



The World of Byzantium (CLAS 0660)

History of Medieval India (CLAS 0950A)

The Idea of Self  (CLAS 1120G)

Erotic Desire in the Premodern Mediterranean (CLAS 1750)

 Greek Erotic Literature: From Plato to the Medieval Romances (GREK 1110)

Greek Palaeography and Premodern Book Cultures (GREK 2110)


Comparative Literature

The following courses sometimes have medieval topics:

Studies in Drama (COLT 1410)

Studies in Narrative (COLT 1420)

Studies in Poetry (COLT 1430)

Studies in the Literature of Ideas (COLT 1810)

Seminar in Forms and Genres (COLT 2520)



History of Egypt IV (EGYT 1460)

Introduction to Coptic (EGYT 2210)



Matters of Romance (ENGL 0230)

Structure and History of the English Language (ENGL 1210)

Chaucer (ENGL 1230)

Special Topics in Medieval and Early Modern Literatures and Cultures (ENGL 1310, 1360, Sel. Sect.)

Introduction to Old English Literature (ENGL 1280)

Topics in Old English Literature (ENGL 2360, Sel. Sect.)

Studies in Middle English Literature (ENGL 2360, Sel. Sect.)

Old Irish (ENGL 1400, Sec.37)

Old Norse (ENGL 1400, Sec.37)


French Studies

Masterpieces of French Literature from the Middle Ages to the Present (FREN 1010)

Early French Language and Literature (FREN 1020)

Senior Seminar (Medieval topics) (FREN 1900)

Studies in French Literature (Medieval topics) (FREN 2040)


German Studies

Studies in Literary Genres (Medieval topics) (GRMN 1440)

Seminar in German Literature (Medieval topics) (GRMN 1450)

Medieval German (GRMN 1830)


Hispanic Studies

Expression and Values in Spanish Literature

 (Medieval topics)  (HISP 0520).

Studies in Spanish Literature of the Middle Ages (HISP 1210)              

Studies in Poetry (Medieval Topics (HISP 1450)

Studies in Catalan Language and Literature (HISP 1600)

Senior Conference: Preparation of the Honors Thesis (HISP 1980)

Spanish Philology (HISP 2010)

Studies in Spanish Literature of the Middle Ages (HISP 2030)



Medieval Spain: Land of Three Cultures (HIST 1020)

History of Medieval Europe (HIST 1030, 1040)

Italy in the Late Middle Ages (HIST 1070)

The Chivalrous Society and the Monastic World (HIST 1970)

Gender in the Middle Ages (HIST 1970)

Proseminar in Medieval History (HIST 2030A)

Proseminar in Late Medieval History (HIST 2050)


History of Art and Architecture

Introduction to Medieval Art and Architecture (HIAA 0140)

Toward a Global Late Antiquity: 200-800 CE (HIAA  0321)

Early Christian, Jewish, and Byzantine Art and Architecture (HIAA 0400)

Medieval Islamic Art (HIAA 0410)

Gothic Art and Architecture (HIAA 0440)

Topics in Medieval Art (HIAA 1140)             

The Trecento: Italian Art and Architecture 1260-1400 (HIAA 0480

Medieval Women and Medieval Art (HIAA 1450)

Medieval Archaeology (HIAA 1460)


Italian Studies

Dante in English Translation (ITAL 1010)

Boccacio’s Decameron in English Translation (ITAL 1020, Sec.01)

Boccacio’s Decameron (ITAL1020, Sec. 02)

Literature in the Middle Ages from St. Francis to Savonarola (ITAL 1310)

The Divina Commedia (ITAL 1610, 1620)

Studies in the Duecento and Trecento  (ITAL 2130)


Judaic Studies

Judaism in Medieval Times (JUDS 0570)

Medievalism to Modernity: The History of Jews in Early Modern Europe (JUDS 0620)



Literature at the Court of Charlemagne (LATN 1110B)

The Classical Tradition in the Middle Ages (LATN 1110B)

Poetry at the End of the Roman World (LATN 1110A)

Survey of Late and Medieval Latin Literature (LATN 1110B)

The Medieval Latin Lyric (LATN 1110D)

Literary Culture In the Twelfth Century (LATN 1120)


Medieval Studies

Medieval Perspectives (MDVL 0360)

Muslims, Jews and Christians in Medieval Iberia (MDVL 0620)



Medieval and Renaissance Music (MUSC 0910)

Seminar in Medieval and Renaissance Music (MUSC 1350)



Ancient Philosophy (PHIL 0350)

Aristotle (HIPL 1250)

Plato (PHIL 1260)              

Philosophy in the Novel (PHIL 1400)

Medieval Philosophy (PHIL 1680)

Research in Philosophy Seminar

(Medieval topics) (PHIL 2160)


 Religious Studies

Islam, from Muhammad to 9/11 and Beyond  (RELS 0150)

Introduction to Christianity (RELS 0200)

Martyrdom and Jihad in the Islamic Tradition (RELS 0640 )

Christianity in Late Antiquity (RELS 0720)

Eastern Christianity (RELS 0750)

Women and Christianity in the Ancient World (RELS 0880)

Studies in Early Christianity (RELS 1170)

Pilgrimage and Sacred Travel in the Lands of Medieval Islam (RELS 1520)

Methods and Problems in Islamic Studies: Narrative (RELS 1530A)

Methods and Problems in Islamic Studies: Heresy and Orthodoxy (RELS 1530B)
Monks, Mystics and Martyrs: Abrahamic Traditions Compared (RELS 1540)

Poverty and Wealth in the Early Christian World (RELS 1880)

Ritual in Earliest Christianity (RELS 1880)

Independent Study (RELS 1910)

Topics in Early Christianity (Medieval topics) (RELS 1950)


Theatre Arts and Performance Studies

Performance Theory: Ritual, Play and Drama in Context (TAPS1230)