The DUG (Deparment Undergraduate Group) MCM concentrators meeting together every once in awhile in order to plan fun and exciting events that build community among concentrators. They organize student installations and film shows with receptions and more. Come to a meeting and give your input. Email for more information at:

2015-2016 DUG members: Victor Bramble '17, Grant Meyer '16, Miles Taylor '18, Jane Tracy '16, Olivia Watson '16

Currently we have some exciting new projects we are working on and events for Concentrators as well as potential concentrators:

Entirely new is Drop Ins—Friday October 2 @ 3-5pm, 135 Thayer Street, production 2 


This 'drop in' tea time will be for MCM concentrators. The first one will take place on 10/2 and we will have them every other week.  We will provide FREE tea and snacks. For this specific Drop In on 10/2 we will have tea, hot chocolate, water, scones, cookies and fruit. It will allow the MCM DUG to build a community amongst the MCM concentrators in a casual environment where people can come or go when they please.

1st MCM DUG Open House—Friday, October 30 @ 3-5pm, 135 Thayer Street, production 2

Hungry? Don't really know anyone in your MCM classes? Interested in seeing people you haven't seen since Intro? Excited about talking to faculty and grad students beyond them giving a lecture or handing you a grade? Then come to this open house and learn about the department, bond with concentrators, talk with professor and eat FREE FOOD! This event is open to prospective and current concentrators and will happen in place of Drop In this week.

And lastly, an ongoing initiative is with the First-Gen Low Income Partnership (FLIP) Lending Library

The library organized by FLIP provides required textbooks for First-Gen and Low Income Students who might otherwise be unable to afford the books. MCM as a concentration often requires many books for its classes and it can be hard to be an MCM concentrator if you have no way to get those books. 

To try and make MCM a more inclusive and accessible department we want to askstudents who may have books that were or are required books for MCM classes and who are interested in donating them to get in contact with Victor Bramble <> who will collect them and donate them to FLIP so other students will have access to them.
You can find more information about FLIP on the program's Facebook page.

If you have books that may not be required books for any MCM classes but are related to MCM you can keep holding on to them for now as we will let you know about a separate use those books can go to in the coming weeks.  

Also you will see a bookcase in the front hallway MCM department (155 george street). These books are donated by professors and are FREE. Help yourself!

Thank you all for Reading this and See you around!



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