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Colloquia are held on Mondays at 4:00pm (Refreshments at 3:30pm) in Barus & Holley 168.  Past colloquia from the current and previous years, including many videos, can be found on the Past Physics Colloquia page.

FALL 2014

December 1, 2014 --  Savvas Koushiappas (Brown University)

"The structure of the universe as a link between cosmology and dark matter physics"
Cosmological structure formation gives rise to a distribution of dark matter that is set by the complex processes of non-linear collapse. Dark matter searches are inextricably linked to the details of this cosmological structure formation. I will review how large scale structure gives rise to our present expectations for the dark matter particle, and how experimentally-motivated theorists try to bridge the gap between fundamental cosmological ideas and dark matter detection experiments.

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