Recent Astrophysics and Cosmology PhD Dissertations

 Recent Astrophysics and Cosmology PhD Dissertations


Thesis Title





Richard I. Cook

“Measuring Weak Lensing Sensitivity and Systematics”

Prof. I. Dell'Antonio




Wessyl Kelly

“Measuring Weak Gravitational Lensing in General Purpose Imaging Surveys”

Prof. I. Dell'Antonio




Luiz de Viveiros

"Optimization of Signal versus Background in Liquid Xe Detectors Used for Dark Matter Direct Detection Experiments"

Prof. R. Gaitskell

Yury Vinokurov

"EBEX, a Balloon-Borne Telescope for Observing the Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background" 

Prof. G. Tucker




Hossein Khiabanian

“A Maximum-Likelihood Multi-Resolution Weak Lensing Mass Reconstruction Method”

Prof. I. Dell’Antonio

Peter Sorensen

"A 10 Kg Liquid Xe Time-Projection Chamber for the Direct dDtection of Dark Matter: the XENON10 Experiment"

Prof. R. Gaitskell




Thorsten Battefeld

"Cosmological Perturbations in the Early Universe"

Prof. R. Brandenberger

Jeffrey Kubo

"Searching for Strong Galaxy-Galaxy Lenses in the Deep Lens Survey"

Prof. I. Dell'Antonio

Matthew David Patey Truch

"The Balloon-Borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope"

Prof. G. Tucker




Michael Attisha

"Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS II) - Application of Neural Networks and Wavelets to Event Analysis"

Prof. R. Gaitskell

Jaiseung Kim

"The Millimeter-Wave Bolometric Interferometer (MBI) for Observing the Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization"

Prof. G. Tucker