AP, IB & Transfer Credit

AP Credit
AP credit in Physics can be used to earn tuition credit. In certain instances, use of AP credits toward advanced standing may allow a student to graduate in fewer than 8 semesters if all other degree requirements are met (30 courses, a concentration, and writing competency).  For further information, contact the dean responsible for advanced standing in the Office of the Dean of the College.
To earn an AP credit in Physics a student must achieve ONE of the following:

  • a score of 5 in the Physics C Mechanics exam
  • a score of 4 in the Physics C Mechanics exam PLUS a 5 in the Physics C Electricity and Magnetism exam
  • a score of 5 in the Physics B exam (exam taken before May 2015)
  • a score of 5 in both Physics 1 and Physics 2 (exams taken May 2015 or later)

Students with these scores who then successfully complete Physics 40, 60, 160, 470, 500, or a 1000-level physics course may receive retroactive credit for Physics 30.
While these are the requirements for earning an AP credit, they are not necessarily required for placement in a Physics course when a student enters Brown.
Students considering skipping Physics 30, 50 or 70 should consult with their Freshman Advisor or the Physics Placement Coordinator, Prof. Ying.
IB Placement and Credit
Students with a minimum IB HL score of 5 in Physics can obtain credit for Physics 30 and 40. Students who have taken international certification exams should consult with the Physics Concentration Advisor, Prof. Pelcovits, regarding placement into higher level Physics courses.
Transfer Credit
Students requesting transfer credit for college courses taken at other institutions should consult with the Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Ying.