Sanders' supporters nearly double Clinton's

The Brown Daily Herald consults Richard Arenberg, Adjunt Lecturer in Political Science and Public Policy, for his views on the upcoming presidential election. 

 "About 45 percent of Brown undergraduates plan to vote for Sanders on election day next fall, whereas half as many students, about 22 percent, plan to vote for Clinton. The results "reflect Bernie Sanders' strength among young voters," wrote Richard Arenberg, adjunct lecturer in international and public affairs, in an email to The Herald."

(Distributed January 8, 2016)

Jeff Colgan on Iran's oil announcement

Sputnik International features Jeff Colgan, Richard Holbrooke Assistant Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs, in their article titled, "Investors to Approach Iran Energy Projects with Open  but Cautious Minds." 

Read the full article. 

(Distributed January 8, 2016)

A dynamic provost, paving the way for Brown University

The Brown Daily Herald features the new Brown University Provost, Professor Rick Locke. He assumed the role of provost after just two years of serving as director of the Watson Institute. In both positions, his colleagues describe him as a visionary leader and a motivating co-worker.

If the buck stops with President Christina Paxson P'19, it's Provost Richard Locke '17 who hands it off to her.

(Distributed January 8, 2016)
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