Rachel Franklin

Associate Director of Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4)
Assistant Professor (Research) of Population Studies


As a population geographer, Rachel Franklin is primarily interested in explanations of fertility and mobility variations across space, with an emphasis on empirical applications. Methodologies used in her research typically include spatial regression modeling, regional analytical tools, and GIS. Recent work has addressed the internal migration of the young and educated within the US, the use of migration data from the American Community Survey, and regional fertility adjustments in Italy.

Franklin received her PhD in Geography from University of Arizona in 2004. Her most recent position was Senior Lecturer at the University Of Maryland School of Public Policy. Prior to holding this position she was Deputy Director at the Association of American Geographers and a Demographer in the Population Division of the U.S. Census Bureau.


Fertility, GIS, Migration, Regional analytical tools, Spatial regression modeling