Computing & Programming Services

Computer LabComputer LabThe PSTC provides a high-quality and cost-effective computing environment dedicated to fostering and implementing population-related empirical research by PSTC associates. The services provided by the computing staff include:

  • Supporting hardware and software;
  • Facilitationg data sharing and dissemination;
  • Guaranteeing security and data integrity;
  • Providing programming and file preparation;
  • Coordinating with University and departmental networking and computing services;
  • Providing support for presentation hardware and software, email, and Web/Internet technologies;
  • Access to national networks.

The facilities at Mencoff Hall incorporate:

  • Windows server 2008 and Linux/UNIX servers;
  • More than 50 desktop computers connected to the PSTC network and servers and the Brown University network;
  • A computer lab with eight stations available for use by PSTC affiliated faculty, staff, and students;
  • Two secure data rooms or "cold rooms" for researchers working with confidential or restricted data sets.

Access to Services

All associates have access to the services of the computing staff. General office space is allocated through the administrative staff while access to the secure data rooms is provided through the computing staff.