Students graduating from Brown and the PSTC training program are hired into both academic and private sector positions. In the past five years, our graduates have secured tenure-track placements at excellent institutions that include the University of Chicago, Yale, Stanford, Tufts, Ohio State, and Johns Hopkins, and postdoctoral placement at Princeton’s Office of Population Research. 

Featured Alumnus

Adam Storeygard '12, a former NICHD-funded PSTC trainee, received his PhD in Economics in May 2012 and began as Assistant Professor of Economics at Tufts University in Fall 2012. Adam's research is in urban and development economics, with particular interests in transportation, urban growth, and spatial analysis and a regional focus on sub-Saharan Africa. He is also examining the impact of climate variability on crimes against women in India with Brown alumna and former PSTC trainee Sheetal Sekhri (Assistant Professor of Economics at University of Virginia). While at Brown, Adam worked with PSTC faculty associates Vernon Henderson and David Weil to measure economic growth using satellite data on night lights. They developed a statistical framework using these data to augment official income growth measures, and their estimates differ from official data by up to three percentage points annually. This research was published in the American Economic Review and received international press coverage including pieces in The Economist and the blogs of the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. To learn more about Adam's experience as a PSTC trainee, see his student testimonial.

2014 PSTC Trainee Placements

  • Paul Christian (Economics) — Research Associate, Cornell University School of Applied Economics and Management
  • Shiva Koohi (Economics) — Economist, Federal Trade Commission
  • Erica Mullen (Sociology) — City Research Scientist, NYC Office of Evaluation and Research
  • Gareth Olds (Economics) — Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School
  • Gayatri Singh (Sociology) — Consultant and Urban Specialist, World Bank
  • Stacey Vanderhurst (Anthropology) — Postdoctoral Fellow, Indiana University School of Law
  • Trina Vithayathil (Sociology) — Assistant Professor of Global Studies, Providence College

2014 PSTC-Affiliated Postdoc Placements

  • Ellen Block — Assistant Professor of Anthropology, College of St. Benedict/St. John's University and U.S. Fulbright Scholar, African Regional Research Program for AIDS and AIDS-related research in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Julia Burdick-Will — Assistant Professor of Sociology and Education, Johns Hopkins University
  • Andrew Fenelon — Research Service Fellow, Analytic Studies Branch, National Center for Health Statistics
  • Richard Turner — Postdoctoral Fellow, Mississippi State University

2013 PSTC Trainee Placements

  • Florencia Borrescio Higa (Economics) — Assistant Professor, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Chile
  • Weiwei Zhang (Sociology) — Postdoctoral Research Associate, Brown University
  • Inna Leykin (Anthropology) — Ginsberg Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2012 PSTC Trainee Placements

  • Rachel Goldberg (Sociology) — Postdoctoral Fellow, Office for Population Research, Princeton University
  • Jacob Goldston (Economics) — Assistant Professor of Economics, University of South Carolina
  • Moshi Herman (Sociology) — Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, Davidson College
  • Daeho Kim (Economics) — Assistant Professor of Economics, Ohio State University
  • Yong Suk Lee (Economics) — Assistant Professor of Economics, Williams College
  • Adam Storeygard (Economics) — Assistant Professor of Economics, Tufts University
  • Jing Song (Sociology) — Research Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Isabel Tecu (Economics) — Senior Associate, Charles River Associates
  • Ishani Tewari (Economics) — Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale School of Management
  • Hongwei Xu (Sociology) — Faculty Research Fellow,  Survey Research Center, University of Michigan

2012 PSTC-Affiliated Postdoc Placements

  • Bianca Dahl — Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Toronto
  • Megan Klein Hattori — Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Massachusetts, Boston
  • Kenneth Maes — Assistant Professor of Biocultural Anthropology, Oregon State University