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Amalia's Tale and Unequal Access to Health Care

Kertzer’s recent book Amalia’s Tale, which documents the experience of an 19th-century Italian peasant who contracts syphilis while serving as a wet nurse, comes from a very different setting and methodological tradition, but its themes of unequal access to health care and the response of the legal system clearly resonate with the theme of persistent disparities in health and human capital.

Amazonian Deforestation and the Structure of Households

This 15-year project with Emilio Moran looks at how households manage forest resources in Brazil. The project studies the relationships between demographic change, land-use change and agricultural development in three sites in the Brazilian Amazon. Central to her work is the question of how the changing availability of family labor affects the extent to which farmers clear existing forestland. Recent work suggests that the process of learning and specialization in different activities also helps to explain the variation and timing of land acquisition and forest clearing.

AOC: Disaster, Resilience and the Built Environment on the Gulf Coast

Logan looks broadly at the impacts of hurricanes on the Gulf Coast from 1950-2005, questioning whether their effects on population and employment are long-term or short-lived and asking which population groups are more vulnerable to damage and displacement. A significant barrier to such analysis is the lack of detailed information on the actual wind damage from historical hurricanes. Logan and Zengwang Xu examine the potential for hurricane wind models to be used as a basis for filling this important data need.