Research Projects Beginning with B

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Bank Deregulation and the Racial Wage Gap

Rubinstein examines the effects of bank deregulation on black-white wage differentials. As would be predicted by a model in which discriminating employers pay a cost in terms of profitability because they only hire white workers, he finds that bank deregulation increased business startups and reduced the racial wage gap.

Blood of the Innocents: Stigma and the Unintended Consequences of Biomedical Interventions for HIV-Positive Children in Botswana

This project traces some of the sociocultural repercussions of Botswana’s highly successful Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission program and nationwide antiretroviral drug rollout. The project asks why stigma against HIV-positive children appears to be increasing in response to highly effective treatment and prevention efforts (which global health experts predict should lead to decreased stigma).

Brown v. Board of Education at 50: Desegregation Orders and Public School Integration

Logan in studying trends in school segregation since 1970 shows that the substantial desegregation in the 1970s did not continue after 1980. He is also evaluating the relationship between racial and class segregation and the disproportionate exposure of minority students to subpar schools.