The Family Consequences of Child Disability

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Director: Dennis P. Hogan
Collaborator: Susan E. Short
Research Theme: Persistent Disparities in Health and Human Capital
Funding: NICHD

Hogan studies the effects of child disability on caregivers, with particular focus on the increased costs that families must bear when a severely disabled child is not institutionalized. The bottom line of this body of research is that while there has been a long-term trend to reduce institutionalization of severely disabled children, the family bears much of the cost. This increased cost is seen in the relatively high proportion of families with a disabled child that have only one worker in the labor force and in the frustration and time costs of home care and managing the disability services maze. Parents with a disabled child are more likely to divorce and in some cases are less likely to have another child. In addition to creating a new data set and contributing to the literature on child care for children with disabilities, this project will inform child care policy in relation to the Americans with Disabilities Act.