Household Wellbeing in Frontier Contexts: Integrating Capitals, Returns, and Livelihoods

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Collaborator: Leah VanWey
Research Theme: Consequences of Migration in Sending and Receiving Areas

Hull is interested in interdisciplinary approaches to the study of household well-being, particularly in smallholder frontier contexts. This work synthesizes multiple perspectives and methods for the study of multidimensional poverty and the measurement of value, the multiple capitals framework (natural, human, etc.) with emphasis on social capital and social network structures, a livelihood perspective with special attention to migration, agricultural intensification, and land use as constituent strategies, and the role of endogenous processes in shaping the returns to various household livelihoods and investments over time. He is currently working with sociologist VanWey and biostatistician Linkletter to develop and test integrative theories of frontier evolution that incorporate these elements in a systems framework. He is also continuing his work illustrating the social structural (network) implications of a transition from barter to monetized exchange.