Life Projects and Antiretroviral Therapy: The Social Impacts of Scale-up

Research Theme: Development, Institutions and Demographic Change
Location: Federal Republic of Nigeria
Funding: NICHD, Sub contract w/ Columbia

This is a planning grant in which Smith follows up on work that chronicles the transition toward modern marriage in Nigeria and finds that the associated ideals of morality make the discussion of, and thus protection against, risky sexual behavior more difficult than may have been the case in the past. In  recent publications, Smith provides an ethnographic analysis of individuals receiving antiretroviral (ARV) treatment, noting the strong predisposition of these individuals to follow standard life-cycle trajectories including marriage and childbearing in order to avoid the stigma arising from the perception that AIDS is contracted as a result of immoral behavior. The aims of this planning grant include elaborating a conceptual framework, developing research instruments, reviewing the relevant literatures, and preparing for an R01 renewal grant application submission.