Research Projects by Region

Orphaned & Separated Children’s Assessment Related to their Health & Well-Being

J. Hogan is providing biostatistics expertise on this project, which examines the effects of alternative modes of care such as community-based programs, detention centers, and homes run by NGOs for children in Western Kenya who have been orphaned as a result of AIDS.

Urban Life among Youth in Kisumu

Eliya Zulu (African Institute for Development Policy), Shelley Clark (McGill University)

This project aims to improve methods of data collection for sexual behavior among young men and women in urban Kisumu, Kenya. Using a life course approach, the project constructs retrospective relationship histories for a random sample of 1,275 youth ages 18-24 and interviews these respondents' marital and nonmarital sexual partners to create a unique matched partner sample. Fieldwork was conducted in spring and summer 2007.

Interview using the Relationship History Calendar.Interview using the Relationship History Calendar.

Urbanization in Ghana and Kenya

In this new project, White will use geocoded DHS microdata to examine neighborhood-level disparities in health and socio-economic conditions and their relationship to urbanization in Ghana and Kenya. This work will provide insight into the relative importance of better provision of public health infrastructure in urban areas versus greater variation in access to resources due to income variation or to exclusionary policies in urban areas.