Research Projects by Region

Measuring Social Connection and Children’s Well-Being using Multiple Data Sources

This comprehensive study measures social support systems of children in a rural area of South Africa.  Designed to address the gaps left by standard census and survey tools, it combines intensive ethnographic data with longitudinal demographic data from the Agincourt Demographic Surveillance System (DSS). The ethnographic data can identify instances of support and relate these to information from the household database. The value of this approach is then assessed by measuring the relationship between the resulting measures of social support and child outcomes.

Migration and HIV in South Africa

This study examined the role of migration or human population movement in the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in South Africa.  Funded by the Welcome Trust, this was a 3-year cohort study with biological (HIV and STI) and behavioral outcomes, among migrant men and their rural partners, and non-migrant men and their rural partners.

Migration, HIV, and Socioeconomic Change in South Africa

This pilot investigation will address a significant AIDS-related public health issue in South Africa: the relationship between human geographic mobility and risk for disease transmission. The project uses existing data and conducts a feasibility study. It brings demographic methods and field research, coupled with a refined understanding of human geographic mobility and health transition to the present public-health concern of HIV transmission and AIDS mortality.

Remaking the Apartheid City

Using GIS techniques, South African Census data and qualitative fieldwork, this project explores the economic and social reconfiguration of the post-apartheid city. The spatial engineering of apartheid resulted in the concentration of public services and infrastructure, such as access to electricity, trash collection, schools, and paved roads in the sections of cities designated as white under the Group Areas Act. Efforts to undo these inequalities have been a focus of all levels of post-apartheid government.