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Students Engage in Learning about the Environment at Haffenreffer Estate

Brown Environmental Leadership Lab:
Rhode Island: Program Overview

Sustainable Development for High School Students

Our curriculum includes a review of climate change science to ensure that students have a shared fundamental understanding before we challenge them to propose and evaluate solutions. It is not enough to merely understand the science; we must grasp the social ramifications of this global crisis.

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In this course, students will:

Study Environmental Science

Explore Environmental Studies

Develop Leadership Skills

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Connecting with the natural environment

Environmental Leadership in Rhode Island

In a world constantly connected to iPhones, email, Twitter, and Facebook, students at BELL intentionally unplug for the better part of two weeks which allows us to more fully engage with our community and beautiful surroundings. Students hand in all electronic devices on the first day and cell phones are returned twice during the program to call home. By breaking our ties to these technologies, we are able to be more mindful of our natural environment, build more intentional friendships, and practice self-reflection.

Your Action Plan

We believe that it is not enough to understand complex social issues. Instead, effective leaders ask themselves, "What will we do with what we know? How will we serve others? How might we work for long-term social change?" 

At BELL, we help our students define the issues that they are passionate about and construct an Action Plan to address them. We work with you to set realistic goals, identify mentors and resource people, and anticipate challenges.

We encourage you to think about some potential Action Plan topics before you come to BELL, but most students don't actually know what their Action Plan will be until they start working on it. Your instructors will help you design an Action Plan that fits your interests and skills.

Examples of BELL Student Action Plans:

Review students’ final reports on their plans in our digital Action Plan library.

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