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Courses Starting the Week of July 26, 2015 (30)

Discovering the Past: Introduction to Archaeology

Do you like solving ancient mysteries, traveling to exotic parts of the globe, visiting ancient monuments, examining ancient artifacts, and studying history? If so, then this course is for you!! This course will introduce you to the fascinating field of archaeology: what it is, how it’s done, how it can help us understand the human past, and how it can help us make sense...

The Prehistory of Humans: A Social and Cultural Evolution

The overarching theme of this course is to supply students with an ample understanding of our human antiquity; therefore, we will use archaeology as a means to comprehend our earliest origins and our unique evolution. This course should be of particular interest to students interested in archaeology and in the humanities in general.

The main focus of this course...

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Ancient Egyptian Engineering: Cool Old Stuff and How it's Made

This course explores ancient Egyptian "stuff" up close: metal weapons, wooden statues, stone monuments, glass-glazed figurines, and how they were made and used. Students will learn the science and engineering behind these ancient technologies, and discuss how their materials and designs shaped and were shaped by their use in ancient Egypt. Along with the course lectures...

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Forensic Science - CSI Providence!

What makes an expert witness an expert? What would the perfect crime look like? These are but a couple of the many questions we will explore during this course. Forensic science is an exciting field that combines scientific principles from many different science disciplines with technology and math resulting in new, sometimes surprising outcomes!

This integrated...

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Brain and Behavior: Biological Perspectives and Therapeutic Approaches to Mental Illness

This course will be co-taught by a Ph.D. biologist and a practicing mental health counselor. "Abnormal Physchology" will provide students with a multifactorial perspective on psychopathologies. We will delve into illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use disorders. Students will study both the...

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Greek Tragedy Alive: Introduction to Ancient Drama and Performance

Drama, tragedy, theater - these modern terms and concepts have their origins in Ancient Greece, which developed modes of performance that we still enjoy today. Despite the basis of modern theater in antiquity, if we could watch the original performance of Greek tragedy by Aeschylus, Sophocles or Euripides, the experience would differ greatly from going to see a modern play....

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Taming the Python- Programming in Python using Linux

The main aim of this course is to enable students to learn about a powerful programming language (python) and familiarize with its most important scripting tools. Computer programming skills are a hot commodity in this ever connected world and this course will get students started in the path to become a successful software programmer.

Python is considered as one...

Econometrics: Statistical Tools to Understand Economic Data

We are exposed to economic data and statistical analysis wherever we go: at the supermarket through prices and quantities of goods, at school through relative performance and GPAs, and in advertising through comparisons between the new iPhone 6 and a competitor’s model. Understanding the message is not an issue, but being a critical user of that information requires a...

World Literature

This course offers the analysis of literature and of genre types derived from a variety of literary works from different countries, all but one written in the second half of the 20th century.

Literatures of the World: This blended Canvas course will introduce literary works from four different countries, written in the second half of the 20th century: a Czech novel...

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Writing the College Admissions Essay

The main objective of this course is to teach high-school students how to write a personal statement for their college applications.

Wondering how you're going to describe yourself into 500 words? Talk about your dreams without using cliches? Don't you want to set yourself apart from the rest of the college-bound hopefuls? In this week-long seminar, students...

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Experimental Writing

Experimental Writing is offered to high school students interested in producing works of fiction and non-fiction. By thinking critically about both established authors' works and those of their peers, students will enhance their own understanding of writing. They will have the opportunity to practice drafting in a variety of styles and genres, including memoir, poetry,...

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Writing the Expository Essay

This course is designed to teach you how to introduce your voice into an academic conversation. You will learn how to closely read primary texts, summarize arguments, evaluate and respond to critical sources, incorporate evidence and cite references, and employ a variety of rhetorical tools and strategies that will strengthen your position.

This course is designed...

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Mississippi Writers

"To understand the world, you must first understand a place like Mississippi."

This course will introduce students to major 20th century writers and will focus on how these writers engage issues of class, race, gender, language, and religion. Most importantly, the course will examine these works to challenge prevailing notions about Mississippi.

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Putting Yourself into Words

This week-long workshop will explore the balance between self-expression and effective communication essential to writing powerful personal narratives, college admissions essays, and creative reflections. As you write and receive feedback daily, you’ll learn not only about purpose, revision, and style, but also about writing as a means of exploring, learning, figuring...

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Materials Engineering: A Revolution in the Making

What do you think would be the greatest, coolest invention of this century? Many of the greatest scientists and technologists believe that this would be in the field of Materials research " of new materials that have amazing properties, and what’s more " are capable of changing themselves to suit their requirements. Though we know of an amazing array of materials,...

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Engineering Biomedical Systems

Have you ever wondered how scientists make pacemakers or grow cartilage for joint repair? In this course, you will learn how these scientists, called biomedical engineers, develop devices and tissue engineered technologies that often times save lives!

The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to biomedical engineering analysis, specifically relating to...

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Mechanics of Materials and the Engineering of Catapults

If you like the idea of applying physics concepts to hurtling objects through the air, you're in for an exciting week. From forces to launch angle, kinematics to bending stress, and composites to prototyping, you'll get the chance to do some quality engineering backed up by college-level scientific concepts. Will you be part of the team to engineer the ultimate catapult...

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Fluid Mechanics through Hovercraft Physics

This course introduces students to the wide world of fluid mechanics, an area that covers vast scientific fields such as aerospace engineering, bacteria locomotion and combustion dynamics, and which is fundamental for flight, rocketry, swimming, bio-locomotion and countless other topics in engineering. We will focus on the physics and engineering of fluids and visualize core...

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Engineering, Energy and the Environment

What is energy? How do we use it? Where do we get it? Why do we feel that we must find new ways of generating energy? What are the options? If you ever wondered about these questions, this is the right course for you. If you ever saw a wind turbine and said I want to build one for myself no need to wait!

We want energy and lots of it. In everyday life we need lighting,...

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Brown Environmental Leadership Lab: Alaska

BELL is a unique outdoor learning laboratory. The courses draw their curricula from many different disciplines: history, biology, geology, economics, environmental studies, and leadership theory. In this course, students will travel to southern Alaska to experience, first-hand, the beauty and complexities of historic and present-day Alaska. Learning will be fast-paced, experiential,...

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How History is Made: An Introduction to Source Analysis

How History is Made invites students into the historians' workshop and introduces them to the basics of historical research. We will handle, discuss, and evaluate the sources available to historians when they construct their narratives about the past. Students will learn to identify various types of sources, to analyze and to evaluate a source, and to recognize the various...

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Evil: The History of an Idea

The daily news bombards us with stories about the evils that humans commit against one another -- from acts of interpersonal violence such as rape and murder, to atrocities perpetrated on a massive scale, such as genocide and terrorism. Ideas about what it means to be evil, and what it means to be just and good, continue to shape the ways that we understand and react to these...

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Ancient Warfare

This course will examine warfare in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome. Blood, battles, and brutality have romanticized these warrior rulers -- Ramesses the Great, Darius the Great, Alexander the Great, and Caesar -- and have kept their memory alive into the modern era. To understand their fame, this course will use a cross-cultural approach to the study of war in...

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Genocide in the Modern World

From the Holocaust to the Khmer Rouge, genocide, as a crime against humanity, is characteristic of the 20th century. This course introduces students to the concept of genocide by focusing on its historical manifestations in the modern world. Students will study how the term evolved by examining various case studies from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.


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Logic & Paradox

Logic is a system of rules upon which human reasoning is based. It pervades every academic discipline, from mathematics to the sciences, to the humanities. It is a tool that we deploy in our everyday lives. To philosophers, logic is a deep and complex subject of study in its own right. This course is devoted in part to exploring this system of rules, which we will build from...

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Democracy: Philosophy, Politics, & Power

This course seeks to foster critical understanding of the key philosophical conceptions of democracy and their relation to modern social practices.

The objective is to challenge mainstream conceptions of democracy as essentially defined by representative elections and to introduce students to the role of democratic values in all spheres of social life, formal, informal,...

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Understanding Civil Wars: The Causes and Consequences of Internal Conflicts

One of the deadliest and most common forms of political violence in the world today is civil war, affecting people from all corners of the globe, in countries such as Syria, Ukraine, South Sudan and Colombia. This course will introduce students to our current understanding of the origins, dynamics, and termination of civil war. We will pay close attention to some of the key...

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Positive Psychology: The Key to Happiness

For years, psychology has been the study of what ails the human mind. For example, why do certain individuals develop depression or abuse substances? Currently, there is a movement within psychology to study not only what ails the human mind, but what makes us happy, healthy, and content in our lives. Positive psychology is the scientific study of what goes right in our life,...

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Writing for Performance: Sketch Comedy

This two-week course offers a unique workshop experience for young writers and performers interested in the special challenges of writing sketch comedy for performance. Students will work both collaboratively and individually to develop and refine short scenes, to edit them based on student and instructor feedback, to stage them with minimal time and resources, and afterwards...

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Their Art, Your Art: Constructive Pondering

The use of documentaries affords students an opportunity to engage the reflective process of art making through the explorations of the lives of other artists. The course structure would involve interplay between the students' use of "What If" discussion questions and assignments relative to the viewing of the films from wide cultural perspectives on artists'...

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