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So You Want to Be a Doctor?

Is a career in medicine right for you? This course is designed to help you answer that question. Experience the study of medicine in a whole new way and get a taste of what medical school and practicing medicine in a variety of different medical specialties would be like. Participants in this class will:
Study gross anatomy, histology, physiology, and...

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Body at Work: Anatomy, Physiology, and Disease

In this course, you will study the major organ systems of the body, investigate normal and pathologic anatomy and physiology, and examine common diseases and injuries and their effect on the body’s organ systems.

One of the main objectives of this course is to provide students considering a career in the health professions a foundation in the study of human form...

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DNA Science: Forensics, Food, and Medicine

DNA can solve a crime, identify a future disease, and distinguish our common ancestors. A remarkable molecule, it has often been referred to as the “building block of life.”

Advances in molecular biology and biotechnology have led to an explosion in our understanding of DNA and how it impacts us, both as individuals and as a society. This course will introduce...

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Neuroscience in Action: Understanding Our Brains and Nervous Systems

The human brain has more than 85 billion nerve cells, also known as neurons. Ever since the original description of the neuron by Santiago Ramón y Cajal in the 19th century, neuroscientists have known that understanding the neuron is key toward understanding how the brain works. This course is an introduction to neuroscience in which we will examine the inner...

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Biomedical Engineering: The Smart Design of Medical Implants and Devices

Are you passionate about innovative approaches to improving human health? Biomedical engineers apply principles of biology, medicine, and science, along with problem-solving skills and critical thinking, to a broad spectrum of problems, from designing regenerative medicine and new methods of drug delivery to micro-devices and gene therapy.

In this course, you will explore...

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