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Conservation in Action: A Field Study Experience

We always hear about endangered species all over the world. What exactly is being done to protect these animals and their habitats? Most people do not realize it, but every endangered species has a recovery plan that maps the road to successfully increasing populations and saving habitats. Zoos are a huge part of these recovery plans by being a place for breeding and increasing...

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Introduction to the Human Body

Have you ever wondered how your body does all the things that it does?
Our bodies contain 206 bones and over 600 muscles, all coordinated by a central
computer called the brain. In this course, you will learn how your body’s components
work as one to keep you going every day.

This exciting hands-on course will provide an opportunity to answer your questions about

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Fatal Infections: How Scientists Combat Disease

Medicine is losing the fight against emerging infectious diseases. The microorganisms that cause infections can out maneuver and genetically transform to combat our best medicines to date. In this course, students will learn the microbiology behind the most fatal "diseases" facing our world today, such as ebola, toxoplasmosis and mad cow disease. We will also explore...

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Leadership and Global Health

Despite world-wide advances in technology and development, providing basic health care to people in resource-poor settings continues to pose enormous challenges. Now more than ever, the global community is focused on overcoming inequities in health care and reducing poverty as a means of curbing the spread of disease and improving lives. Building on this momentum, this course...

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Forensic Science - CSI Providence

What makes an expert witness an expert? What would the perfect crime look like? These are but a couple of the many questions we will explore during this course. Forensic science is an exciting field that combines scientific principles from many different science disciplines with technology and math resulting in new, sometimes surprising outcomes!This integrated course...

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Scholar-Athlete: Back From the Bench: Sports Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Approximately 80% of high school athletes will experience a significant sport-related injury at some point in their athletic career. In this interactive course we will explore the relationship between injury, injury prevention and improving sports performance. This course offers clarity on what really matters in prevention, rehabilitation, and return to sport to enjoy a...

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From Molecular Aging to the Bicentennial Man: Why We Age and How Science Will Change Everything

"Everyone gets old". There's no law of nature that says that aging is immutable. On the contrary. What we know now is that aging is surprisingly plastic: it can be effectively manipulated. Why we age, what drives the process of aging from a cell or molecular perspective is still relatively poorly understood. We will focus on the different molecular hypothesis...

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Me, Myself and My Microbiome: Meet the trillions of microbes you've unknowingly been living with

Not all microbes are bad. Our body houses trillions of microbes that help keep us healthy. Come explore this microbial world inside us; discover your unique microbial signature and how it affects everything from your immunity to your behavior!Have you ever wondered what makes you “You”? Is it just your unique DNA? Would you believe it, if you were...

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Biochemistry, The Magic that Keeps Us Alive

In this course, we will unveil the chemical “magic” that dictates when and how the human body behaves, in its everyday grind to keep us alive. Every biological process in our body, from the most basic function of glucose utilization to complicated pathways of drug metabolism, heavily depends on basic concepts of chemistry in order to function. Without...

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How our experiences shape our brains: an experimental approach

Our brains are the driving force of our actions but our environment and past decisions can greatly shape our brains. In this hands-on and lab-based course we will examine the bidirectional link between brain and behavior. We will take advantage of innate and learned behaviors to experiment and ultimately attempt to understand how our past experiences can change our brains,...

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Engineering Biomedical Systems

Have you ever wondered how scientists make pacemakers or grow cartilage for joint repair? In this course, you will learn how these scientists, called biomedical engineers, develop devices and tissue-engineered technologies that often times save lives!The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to biomedical engineering analysis, specifically relating to device...

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Psychology and Health: Emotions, Behaviors, and Disease

Have you ever wondered where the terms “cold feet” or “butterflies in your stomach” come from? Have you ever wondered why zebras and other animals don’t get ulcers? This course will answer these and other questions related to the role of psychology in the onset, course, and treatment of physical health conditions.

This course will provide...

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The Mind, Brain, and Behavior

Psychology - the study of the mind, the brain, and behavior - is relevant to every aspect of your life! How does personality form? How does society and culture impact an individual's behavior? How are mental illnesses diagnosed and treated? These are just some of the questions we will attempt to answer in this course. This course will provide an introduction to a broad...

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