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From I Love Lucy to Lost: Television and American Culture

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June 15, 2015 - June 26, 20152M-F 12:15-3:05POpenHunter Hargraves10059

Course Description

In this course, we will study how television reflects and shapes American culture, from its beginnings as focal point of family life in the suburban 1950s to its current status as interactive experience. We will look at television as a business, as a medium, and as a cultural force. Within that framework, we will analyze who decides which programs to put on the air, and how they arrive at those decisions. We will also explore how people relate to TV and how it influences their everyday lives. Moreover, we will watch a selection of programs from the past decades to understand how television has changed over time, especially in regard to how it represents specific segments of the population, including children, women, and racial/ethnic minorities.