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Successful Nontraditional Careers in Life Sciences

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

Do you have a passion for the life sciences but are uncertain of whether you would like to become a medical doctor? There are many other career choices you could consider, like for example: University Professor, Biotech scientist, Biomedical Researcher, Forensic Scientist, Intellectual Property Attorney, Geneticist, Science Writer, Clinical research liaison and Government Science Policy Fellows. All these require the same interests and passion that draws students towards a medical career. These careers have abundant opportunities for growth and actually some offer higher salaries than the medical profession.

Did you know that intellectual property law is essential to bringing ground-breaking scientific inventions to the world by protecting them from copyright infringement? You might have been attracted to the medical profession because of its innate nature to help people. You will be surprised to hear that clinical research liaisons do work with people on a daily basis. They are the ones responsible for bridging patients to pharmaceutical companies and help in clinical trials that lead to life saving drugs.

You might have not realized that most of the drugs that are being prescribed today are from the hard work of university professors, biomedical researchers and biotech scientists. You would have watched forensic experts solving crimes in TV shows like CSI & NCIS. But did you know that the forensic scientists have similar educational background as medical professionals? Are you aware that the science policy fellows work closely with senators at the Capitol Hill and help pass laws that govern important areas like stem cell research? This course therefore aims to provide a glimpse in to the day-to-day life of people who are flourishing in these fields.

The reality is that less than 10% of the graduating class actually decides to go to med school and would you not prefer to know more about other choices? It is a well known fact that college students who made a good career plan tend to have better chances of landing their dream jobs after graduation. It is crucial to choose careers wisely in order to ensure better returns from your intellectual investment. The course will direct you in all the steps that an aspiring college freshmen need to undertake to ensure success in aforesaid arenas. The course will also feature case studies in each session pertaining to the careers in review.

We believe that these case studies permit the students to explore different pathways and decide which would be a better fit to their qualities & personalities. It will compare and contrast the various aspects such as job satisfaction, salary, security, flexibility between a doctor and the others. Reading materials will be provided in the class and the possession of a laptop is not mandatory. There are no prerequisites to the class besides an open & inquisitive mind with a good exposure to high school level science courses.