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Becoming an Entrepreneur: Turning Ideas into Startups

  • Program: Online
  • Course Code: CEEC0921

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

Are you full of innovative and creative ideas? Do you enjoy discussing your ideas with friends and family? Does your imagination wander when you think about how a product or service could be developed or improved? If so, you may be on your way to becoming the next great entrepreneur!

Develop your ability to see the world with an entrepreneurial eye and identify the next great opportunity. In this course, you will consider and apply practical techniques used by successful entrepreneurs all over the world – skills that took many of them years to develop, but that you will experience before you enter college!

Becoming an Entrepreneur: Turning Ideas into Startups will take you through an entrepreneurial process. Starting with your idea, you will test the value of your idea using proven market research techniques, engage with peers to hone your ideas, and develop and present your business case. If the business opportunity proves to be viable, you may even decide to move forward with your startup idea after the course has ended!

"I really liked the challenge of the course. I came into it thinking that I would essentially just be watching lectures and taking notes, but the course was so much more than that. I had to do a lot of my own active research and brainstorming, and that was really great and engaging."
- Becoming an Entrepreneur student, Summer 2015

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Course Requirements:

Time commitment: The first week of your online course serves as the course orientation, during which you will get to know Canvas (Brown's learning management system), review course expectations and strategies for your success, learn about your instructor, and help us to learn a bit about you. These activities should take you just a few hours to complete.

The following week you will begin working with your instructor and classmates on the course itself. To be successful in this course, you must have reliable internet access, and will be expected to participate multiple times each week. Plan to spend approximately 10 hours per week on coursework.

Prerequisites: none

• Computer with internet access and browser
• Webcam and microphone
• Headphones or speakers
• Smartphone or tablet with camera or digital camera (some assignments ask students to take photos and/or document market research)

Supplementary materials: none

Course Fee: $1180

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